Wednesday, 22 February 2012

imPRESS Nails Hit The UK

Just when you thought you’d seen it all in the way of snazzy nail polish ( think crackle polish, magnetic polish, nail wraps) Kiss have come along and wowed us once more, this time with their brand new impress nails.

imPRESS are essentially a  ‘press on manicure’ 

(and happen to be fronted by ex Pussy Cat Doll Nicole Sherzinger)

Simply match the size of the nail to suit you, remove the adhesive tab and press on to your natural nail.

Unlike traditional stick on nails and wraps, there is no need for gloopy glue or fiddly foils to grapple with and they are said to last up to a week!

To remove, just peel off from the sides or apply nail polish remover around the edges, wait 1 minute and peel off.

Available in 36 shades and patterns you will be spoilt for choice! 

I LOVE the pretty lacy pattern (pictured) and think the packaging is inspired- Nails enclosed within a transparent nail polish bottle! So clever.

imPRESS Nails will be available from Boots and from March/April Time and are £7.99 for plain nails and £8.99 for patterned ones.

To celebrate their launch, imPRESS are offering you and a friend the chance to visit their stand and attend London Fashion Week (the consumer event) from 23rd- 26th February! 

To enter, make sure you follow I am Fabulicious by Google friends connect then head to Twitter and RT the following!

I want to #WIN 2 tickets to #LFW this weekend with @sarah_berryman1

You have until 10am on Thursday 23rd February to enter and must either be available to collect the tickets from central London on Thursday or Friday, or be available to sign for next day postal delivery.


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    Fingers crossed!

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  4. Problem with these is that they are only any use if you have short fingernails. In my case, my nail bed is set further back in my finger and these nails don't even reach the point that the nail is no longer attached. Completely useless for anyone with nails like mine.


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