Friday, 5 November 2021

Too Faced Lip Injection Maximum Plump

 Discover your fullest, most juiciest fullest pout with TooFaced’s Lip Injection Maximum Plump.

If you’re desperate to experience fuller lips without the experience of painful, semi-permanent fillers than this gloss is an absolute must have.

Boasting their strongest formula to date, this beautiful and potent gloss surpasses the cult-classic Lip Injection, the Lip Injection Lip Glow and the Lip Injection Extreme with its filling and lip-boosting properties.


Presented In a sleek transparent tube, you can see the pinky-iridescent gloss within. The pale metallic pink lid features elegant and intricate detailing complete with bows, making it ever so pretty to look at.

              Upon unscrewing the lid you’ll find yourself consumed by its sweet fruity scent which is absolutely gorgeous.

While it may take on a tinted appearance in the tube, the gloss itself is pretty transparent and clear, though you will notice it possesses some iridescent properties.


This illumination helps to reflect the light which effectively creates the illusion of fuller lips before the formula has even got to work.

Silky and smooth in texture, you’ll find no gloopy stickiness with this gloss whatsoever.

Thin and sleek, it glides effortlessly across your lips thanks to its soft doe foot shaped applicator.

Designed to be used on clean lips for best effect, apply to the centre of the top and bottom lip before blending outwards towards the corners.

It can be used alone or over lipstick, but I find that for the best results I use it alone, eave it for 10 minutes then dab off to apply my lipstick before applying sparingly over the top.


After a few minutes, you’ll notice a tingling sensation. While not painful it can be slightly uncomfortable and for this reason Maximum Plump is not recommended for plumping rookies (you’d be better off starting with the original formula and building yourself up).

As the tingling subsides, you’ll notice your lips start to turn pinker as the formula gets to work.


Before you know it, your lips are looking juicy, full and feeling wonderfully soft and smooth.

I actually find myself turning to this gloss when my lips really need an Injection of moisture of thanks to its hydrating and smoothing properties and it seems I’m not alone.


96% of people agreed that their lips felt immediately hydrated, 97% said that their lips felt softer and smoother over continued use and 96% said that their lips were left feeling more plumped.

As someone who has had lip fillers, I can confirm that this gloss is 100% the next best thing in terms of non-surgical procedures.


It is far and way the best lip plumper I’ve ever used and I use it every single day.

TooFaced’s Lip Injection Maximum Plump is available now and costs £24.


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