Wednesday, 3 November 2021

Nails.INC Get Magnetized Magnet Effect Nail Polish Duo

 Just when you think you’ve seen it all Nails.INC go ahead and launch a product that blows all other nail polishes right out of the water.

Say hello to their new Get Magnetized Magnet Effect Nail Polish Duo.

In a nutshell, this elegant duo have been supercharged and when presented with the positive attraction of a magnet, real life magic happens before your eyes.

This compact little set comprises of two striking shades, You Attract Me; a bold gunmental blue and I’m In Charge, a rich shimmering gold.

Fashioned in the same iconic Nails.INC branded vessels, with this duo you’ll find one rectangular black magnet affixed to the top of one lid.

Created using the brands patented, wide hugging brush, its ergonomical design allows you to work with the shape of your nail and minimize the number of strokes required to achieve even coverage.

The polish is light and silky in texture, easy to work across the nail and not at all gloopy.

Quick to dry, its once you get to your second coat that this polish comes alive.

Firstly, paint one coat of your magnetic shade of choice and allow to fully dry.

Next, paint a second layer of your magnetic polish and while it is still wet (I advise painting one finger at a time), hover the lid with its magnet directly over the nail as close as possible without touching it and hold for 10-15 seconds.


You can literally see the polish react to the magnet right in front of you and watch as it swirls and changes with your movements.

The positioning and movement of the magnet above the nail will determine the type of pattern you see emerging within the polish.


It really is pretty clever and allows you to create a plethora of impressive looking nail art with absolute ease.

Lock in the colour and polish with a top coat and sit back and enjoy seriously bougie nails.

Nails.INC Get Magnetized Magnet Effect Nail Polish Duo is available now and costs £18.


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