Friday, 12 November 2021

Ariana Grande R.E.M.

 R.E.M. Is the latest new scent from pop icon Ariana Grande.

Inspired by her love of space and the universe, it is an uplifting and luxurious fragrance to make you feel like you can go forth and conquer the entire galaxy.

As with all of Ariana’s scents, the bottle is simple divine.



I say bottle, what I mean is the vessel that the bottle sits in.

The R.E.M. bottle itself offers a stark contrast to its presentation stand with its soft, circular edges, and elegant, feminine lavender juice radiating from within through the clear, transparent glass.

The bottle sits within what can only be described as a crystal holder.



Multi-faceted and dazzling, the crystal element is reflected in the cap on the bottle too which twinkles and shines as it catches the light beautifully.

Crystals and precious gems are often the centre piece of a fragrance, perhaps with the bottle itself being created to resemble one but not with R.E.M.



Despite its relatively simplistic design, it is the fragrance that takes centre stage in this story, emerging from its precious crystal chamber to enchant the world.

I love the way that the fragrance is regarded as so precious that it uses crystals to protect itself, holding itself more important and beautiful than these naturally occurring treasures of the earth.

The fragrance as you may expect, is simply wonderful.



Described as a floral, woody musk it is both bold and elegant, soft and edgy.

It’s here that you can see how the outward interpretation of the fragrance (contrasting the smooth and soft textures with ragged and multi-faceted elements) reflects its sumptuous notes.

R.E.M. begins its fragrant journey with addictive, gourmand notes of juicy fig, quince, warm salted caramel and soft, sweet marshmallow.



Heart notes of sparkling pear blossom and dreamy lavender burst onto the scene like a supernova before base notes of intoxicating white musk, aromatic tonka bean and creamy sandalwood wrap their arms around the elements to create an elegant, soft depth.

Empowering, elegant and undeniable feminine, it is probably the boldest of all of Grande’s scents to date and is simply out of this world.

Ariana Grande R.E.M. is available now and costs £45 for 100ml.




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