Monday, 22 February 2021

Maybelline Lash Sensational mascara

So aside from concealer (thanks kids and hormones) the only other beauty product I don't think I could live would have to be mascara.

A good mascara can bring your face to life by widening and opening your eyes creating the illusion of fluttering feminine lashes.

A brand mew fave of mine is the Maybelline  Lash Sensational mascara (£9.99)

Reasonably priced and in an attractive, somewhat futuristic looking pale pink metallic wand  it promises longer, thicker, more volumed lashes.

Now it's not just the formula that requires attention but the brush itself needs to have some recognition.

It is Maybelline first layer reveal brush with 6 lengths of bristles to help capture even the tiniest lashes.

The result of such a device is a multi layered effect combined with with a low wax formula to offer intense blackness without clumping.

This unique design offers defined, lengthened and volumised lashes like never before.

The silky, light liquid formula attaches to these bristles and allows you to comb smoothly through your lashes while the soft curved brush head grabs at each and every hair to create an ultra-magnified effect. 

I can confirm that it is indeed a deeply intense black pigment and does an amazing job of seperatingbesch abs every lash, avoiding that horrible spider-lash look.

The gentle curve encourages lift while the multiple bristles seek out every lash, even ones you didn't know you had for a brilliant wide eyed, doe look look.

Flake and smudge free, it easy to remove but it won't budge from your lashes Until you decide to remove it.

For £9.99 and compared to other similar far more expensive mascaras, I'm seriously impressed.

Oh, and it doesn't irritate the delicate skin on and around my eyes.

In a nutshell. The Maybelline Lash Sensational mascara is a fabulous product at a great price point.

Whatever you're looking for, more length, volume or curl, this mascara has it all.

You can grab yours now from Superdrug.


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