Wednesday, 3 February 2021

Baylis & Harding Bottle of Hope

 Look for the rainbow in every storm.

Through all the challenges that COVID 19 has brought, the need for some positivity has never been stronger. 

Throughout the country rainbows have appeared in windows to show support and solidarity during these difficult times as a sign of hope and joy.

To embrace the start of a new beginning in the new year, Baylis & Harding are delighted to announce the launch of their Bottle of Hope. 

Vibrantly packaged in a beautiful rainbow bottle you'll find a deliciously delightful, sweet-smelling Rainbow Fruit Cocktail hand wash.

The gel like-wash transforms a benign routine such as washing your hands into a bright, joyful, fragrant experience. 

It's nourishing formula ensures hands are left feeling soft not stripped while effectively removing bug causing bacteria to leave your hands fresh, clean and smelling divine.

The limited edition bottle not only brightens up your bathroom but brings a smile to your face too.

The Baylis & Harding Limited Edition Bottle of Hope is available now from various retailers including Sainsbury's and costs just £2. 


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