Wednesday, 11 December 2019

The Sanctuary Spa Beauty Sleep Bedtime Story Gift Set

Give a loved one the gift of a pampering AND a blissful night sleep with the Sanctuary Spa Beauty Sleep Bedtime Story Gift Set.

Once upon a time she had the dreamiest night's sleep... and it was all thanks to the contents of this vibrant hardback book themed gift.

Designed to work in the similar way to how a bedtime story prepares a child to wind down for sleep, this collection helps you to relax, breathe in calm and prepare for the most peaceful sleep of your life.

The set contains everything you could need to aid relaxation from top to toe.

The Sanctuary Spa Beauty Sleep Bedtime Story Gift Set includes a Beauty Sleep Face Mask, Body Wash, Sleep Drift Off Bath Soak, Sleep Body Butter and Eye mask.

Begin your evening routine with the sumptuous body wash.  Prepare yourself for a truly aromatic bathing experience thanks to this soft, reviving body wash.

Featuring an infusion of essential oils and jojoba beads, this rich gel transforms into a delicately fragranced foam with bubbles a plenty!

The comforting aroma envelopes your body, imparting moisture while gently cleansing. Fragranced with the Sanctuary Spa signature, addictive scent it is a decadent and beautiful cleanser.

Once body and mind are cleansed, sink back into a deeply relaxing bathing experience with the Sleep Drift Off Bath Soak.

Recline in a frothy bath of soft bubbles infused with the aroma of sleep enhancing midnight flowers and lavender oil.

Allow your worries to drift away as the calming, tension easing scent washes over your skin and leaves you feeling intensely relieved and relaxed.

Your restorative treatment need not end once you’ve left the bathroom thanks to the inclusion of the Sleep Relaxing Body Butter.

This deeply nourishing, rich body butter mirrors the calming scent of the bath soak with and infusion of midnight flowers, lavender oil and sweet almond oil while cocoa and shea butter offers superious hydration and nourishment to your skin.

The cream melts effortlessly into your skin, leaving behind no trace, just soft, pampered skin. Its soft, subtle aroma lingers on your warm skin, as if to wrap you in a comforting hug!

While relishing In the softness of your skin and the luxurious, relaxing scent, now is the perfect time to treat your face to some serious tlc.

While you undoubtedly hold stress and tension in your body, you also hold much of it in your face so treat it to a relaxing pamper with the Beauty Sleep Recovery Face Mask.

This overnight regenerating mask features a youth boosting tetrapeptide alongside calming orange flower oil and relaxing lavender oil for an intense night time recovery treatment.

After a hard day at work facing everyday stresses including environmental aggressors such as pollution, your skin can often require some tlc to help restore it to its radiant best.

This leave on overnight face mask does all the hard work for you while you sleep. Simply apply before bed, drift off to sleep and come morning your skin is left feeling soft, hydrated, restored and revitalised for the day ahead.

 But WAIT! Before you go to sleep you need one last thing!

Your silky, soft smooth eye mask!

Now tada! You’re prepped and primed for a wonderful slumber!

The Sanctuary Spa Beauty Sleep Bedtime Story Gift Set is available now and costs £18.

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