Sunday, 1 December 2019

Jean Paul Gaultier Classique Gift Set from Boots

Jean Paul Gaultier’s Classique perfume is a true fragrance icon.

Created as a tribute to the beauty of women, it is a deeply seductive, feminine and beautiful scent which has not only become instantly recognisable on account of its unique bottle but also thanks to its bewitching scent.

This Christmas, celebrate pure femininity with this beautiful gift set exclusive to Boots.

The Jean Paul Gaultier Classique gift set contains a 50ml EDT along with an ever-so-chic mariniere scarf.

Signed ‘I Love Gaultier’, it is the perfect gift for any fragrance lover; allowing you to smell divine and stay wrapped up warm in style during the cold winter months.

You can’t help but feel excited and captivated by the bottle.

The exquisite bust features a nude corset, complete with laces etched onto the back of the transparent glass bottle.

Celebrating and embracing the feminine form with all her seductive curves and rounded softness, the bottle is an outward reflection of the strong, powerful multi-faceted female.

The intoxicating fragrance within opens with notes of spicy, warming ginger before heart notes of irresistibly sweet orange blossom seeks to soothe and soften the initial powerful element.

Base notes of creamy, comforting vanilla envelop the scent in a soft caress, creating a truly seductive and enchanting scent.

JPG Classique lingers on your skin long after you have applied it, allowing you to enjoy its wonderful, feminine scent all day long.

Instantly recognisable, it is a wonderfully elegant and classic fragrance.

Officially described as a floriental scent, I feel that Classique is so much more than this generic categorisation.

Yes indeed it does possess both floral and oriental notes, but it is also soft and warm with sweet undertones.

I feel that Classique is so iconic that it should demand it own fragrance category!

This Jean Paul Gaultier set is available now exclusively from Boots and costs £64.

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