Sunday, 3 November 2019

Lady Gaga & Haus Laboratories

Lady Gaga has just dropped her debut cosmetics line in collaboration with HAUS LABORATORIES and as you might expect from the icon, it’s pretty eye catching!

In their words, This is Not Just Another Beauty Brand.  It’s Your Glam. Your expression. Your artistry. Your Rules.

As soon as I heard about a pre-sale I signed up and ordered what I considered to be two of the more wearable products from the collection, a Le Riot Lip Gloss Duo in shades Venus and Blaze.

I was seduced by the chic, futuristic packaging and bright yet feminine colours of these glosses but wasn’t quite brave enough to try some of the bolder, more ‘out there’ products on offer.

I also loved the idea of what the brand stood for, in that beauty is how you see yourself and the way they encourage you to love yourself and to spread kindness, bravery, and creativity by providing tools for self-expression and invention.

It’s a rather uplifting concept which I would completely expect from someone such as Gaga.

So in terms of the products I received I found myself pleasantly surprised by them.

Firstly, I love the way in which they are presented.

Considering Gaga’s often outlandish and sometimes bonkers representation of herself, the products are actually quite conservative.

Housed within sleek back tubes with just the end transparent revealing the colour of the product within, they feature a cool black, matte pointed lid on which a doe-foot applicator is attached.

This super soft, gently curved applicator allows for precision application and its super soft texture makes applying the gloss a pleasure.

The two colours I chose were Venus, a peachy pink and Blaze, a Rose.

I’m much more a fan of Blaze thanks to its matte appearance and more pigmented formula in contrast to Venus’ shimmery, more translucent hue.

In terms of texture, both glosses are pretty thick but thankfully didn’t feel too heavy or sticky.

They both offer an ultra high-shine, multidimensional finish which leaves your lips feeling soft and comfortable and the multidimensional elements actually help to create the illusion of a fuller pout which I love.

Now pre-sale is over each gloss costs £17 each which is quite expensive but then I guess you’re paying for the name and the brand as much as anything else.

If you’re a Lady Gaga fan or just a fan of makeup in general I would definitely suggest taking a look at what the brand has to offer as it’s highly likely you’ll find something for you.

Take a look at the new  Lady Gaga cosmetics collection on Amazon now.

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