Thursday, 29 August 2019

Dermalogica AGE bright clearing serum

I always assumed that once I had left my teen years behind me that along with major mood swings, braces and bad eyebrows, spots would be a thing of the past.


How wrong was I. I am now in my thirties and spots are still as present as they have ever been, particularly at my time of the month.

However, unlike my teen days where ALL I had to worry about skin wise was spots, I’m now also suffering with the early stages of ageing, namely fine lines and wrinkles.

Oh joy.

One of the things I’ve struggled with at this stage of my life is to find a product that is capable of tackling both acne AND ageing. It seems that many anti-ageing products actually aggravate my skin, causing more spots, while acne treatments are leaving my skin dry and the wrinkles even more obvious. Gah!

You can imagine my sheer joy then when I stumbled across a new product from Dermalogica called AGE bright clearing serum.

This active two in one serum has been created to help clear your skin and prevent breakouts while simultaneously reducing the visible signs of ageing.

I swear to you I felt like all my prayers had been answered and I’m convinced that I’m not alone.

It seems that more women than ever are experiencing adult acne, thanks to a combination of factors including stress, hormonal changes, lifestyle and environment.

We all know that to try and help keep breakages under control that there are certain things we can do such as alleviating stress and eating healthy but now there is a product that can help those like me who also want to keep wrinkles and ageing at bay at the same time.

This highly-concentrated serum from Dermalogica contains Salicylic Acid and Beta Hydroxy Acid to clear breakouts and gently exfoliates your skin while accelerating cell turnover to reduce the signs of skin aging.

Formulated with Dermalogica’s Bright™ Complex, the serum works with your skin’s natural microbiome for clearer, brighter skin. Phytoactives from the Resurrection Plant (known for its ability to survive extreme dehydration) hydrates and smoothes your skin while Niacinamide works together with White Shiitake Mushroom to promote a brighter, more even skin tone.

Suitable for even sensitive skin the serum is designed to be used all over your face, under your moisturiser like any other serum.

Lightweight and silky in texture it possesses a soft, refreshing, botanical scent. Once applied, this clear fluid is absorbed almost instantly into the skin leaving behind no trace.

Skin instantly feels soft and hydrated without a hint of tightness so often associated with acne treatments.

It soothes irritated skin without stinging, while offering feather-light hydrated to parched areas.

I’ve been using it twice daily for a couple of weeks and I’ve noticed not just a reduction in the amount of breakouts I’ve been having but that my skin texture and appearance overall has improved.

Dermalogica’s AGE bright clearing serum is just one product within the brands new Active Clearing line for adult acne and ageing and I can’t wait to experiment with other products!

Dermalogica’s AGE bright clearing serum is available now and costs £58.50.

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  1. I’ve heard a few people talking about this product recently and how good it is. One to go on my list to try out.


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