Thursday, 14 February 2019

Elemis Lift & Firm 4-Piece Collection on QVC

Treat yourself to the gift of beautiful, younger looking skin that glows from within with this exclusive Elemis Lift and Firm Collection available exclusively on QVC.

As you’re probably already aware, as we age our collagen and elastin fibres which give our skin its strength, structure and elasticity begin to break down, resulting in a more wrinkled, less toned, slackened look.

Fear not though as Elemis have created a 4 piece collection specifically designed to help lift and sculpt your skin.

Formerly known as the Pro-Definition range, the newly revamped Pro-Collagen Definition Lift and Firm Collection harness the power of specialised plant stem cells to encourage skin renewal, combat signs of dullness and protect against environmental aggressors for a flawless complexion. 

This gorgeous and luxurious collection comprises of three Pro-Collagen Definition bestsellers along side a brand new launch in the form of the Pro-Collagen Definition Face and Neck Serum.

Launching officially in March this potent serum is supercharged with up to 1.5 million plant stem cells which help to combat loss of density, leaving thinning skin looking visibly firmer and toned. 

The rich yet lightweight serum delicately cushions the skin to reveal a supple and lifted appearance. 

Designed to be used immediately post cleansing, dispense one or two pumps onto your finger tips and massage upwards onto your face, neck and decollete then allow several minutes for the product to activate before continuing with your skincare regime.

I rarely think to consider my neck in my skincare routine and I’m not alone with the neck being one of the most neglected areas when it comes to skincare, which is silly really given that the skin is the thinnest around your neck and can quickly lose firmness and sag as you age.

I really enjoy the refreshing lightness of this serum and will without a doubt continue to use it daily in my attempt at keeping the signs of ageing at bay!

I need to back peddle slightly now as the serum is step two in the sequence of products with the Nourishing Omega Rich Cleansing Oil featuring first.

I am already a big fan of this oil which is designed to restore balance and protect your skins delicate microflora.

Packed full of skin loving active ingredients such as Winter Rose oil which is packed full of Omega-9 to soothe and support the skin, chia seed to nourish and condition with Omega-3 and oil from the vitamin rich Pomegranate revitalises with its antioxidants while it delicately lifts impurities and removes make-up whilst simultaneously nourishing the skin.

Light in texture it possesses a beautiful fragrance which is a blend of lemon, orange, bergamot, rosemary and frankincense to soothe and calm your mind.

Massage one to two pumps onto dry skin then add warm water to melt the oil into a luxuriously comforting milk that gently cleanses your skin leaving it feeling nourishing and soft.

Once cleansed you can apply the serum, then once absorbed its time for the Pro-Collagen Definition Day and Night cream to take the spotlight.

Apply a pea sized amount of either cream (depending on the time of day obviously!) and gently massage into your skin using upwards strokes. 

So, this firming day cream combines potent plant stem cells and Arjuna Bark extract to firm, plump and tighten while nourishing Starflower Oil and Lupin help to improve the appearance of skin texture and tone.

Created specifically for hormonal and menopausal skin, neither of which I posses, the cream is deliciously decadent yet lightweight and soft.

Absorbed quickly it leaves no residue and possesses a delicate, luxurious scent. 

Despite not being within the target audience that the cream was created for it is still definitely one of my favourite luxury skincare products.

Day Cream on the left, Night Cream on right

It nourishes my skin and creates radiance without causing breakouts or irritation.

The same can be said for the night cream which is even more luxurious and rich than its daytime counterpart.

Thicker and creamier it offers superior hydration and nourishment that lasts all night long, leaving soft, pampered skin come morning.

It is a truly stunning collection of products that together help to improve the texture, tone and appearance of your skin daily.

Oh and don’t even get me started on the exquisite pouch that houses this bundle of skincare joy.

Soft neutral notes mirror the hues of the products while an eye catching gold geometric pattern covers the bag.

Just gorgeous!

The 4-Piece Lift and Firm Collection contains products worth a staggering £195.50 but fear not, this is of course a QVC TSV.

Available on Sunday 17th Feb at midnight on QVC (or on pre-sale online now) this fabulous set will set you back under £65 meaning you’ll be saving an incredible £135.

Insane right!

This offer is for one day only though peeps so head online now to get your pre-sale order in and don’t forget to tune in from midnight on Sunday 17th Feb!

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