Tuesday, 26 February 2019


OK, so, have you heard of a brand called BEAUTY PIE? No? Man you’re missing out big time.

BEAUTY PIE is a beauty brand unlike any other. 

To quote the guys themselves;

BEAUTY PIE is the first ever buyers club for beauty addicts. Members have access to luxury products, from world's leading beauty labs, but can buy up to 5X MORE for their money!

You wont find BEAUTY PIE on the high street and that’s because it’s an online retailer only.

Like many luxury brands they do not manufacture their own luxury skincare and makeup, rather, they source their products from around 20 of the worlds leading labs who manufacture their best formulations for BEAUTY PIE members.

The premise is simple. For a small monthly subscription you are allocated a corresponding spending limit based on the typical (high end) prices of the products on the website.

However, you do not pay the high end price, you pay a ridiculously discounted price allowing you to indulge and enjoy the luxury of some of the best products out there without beggaring yourself!

You have access to the same luxury, quality cosmetics and high performance skincare, without paying for the middlemen, the celebrity marketing or retailer costs.

So without getting too technical, you can sign up to a range of monthly memberships ranging from £5 a month which allows you a monthly spending limit of £50 up to £20 a month giving you a £200 spending limit or if you’re proper hardcore, £99 for a year’s subscription which allows you a £100 spending limit a month plus two months free. 

PLUS any unused spending limit will roll over onto the next month so you never lose out.

I recently signed up to their mini monthly £5 membership to give it a go and I am nothing but impressed!

For my first order I chose;

Wondergloss Lip Oil in Nude Nectar RRP £26 – I paid £4.84
Smart Powder Blush in Ring My Bell RRP £18– I paid £4.04
One Powder Wonder RRP £26– I paid £5.32
Super Moisture Lip Balm RRP £16– I paid £6.07

That order (including my £5 membership fee) came to £23.63. If I had bought those products as a non-member it would have set me back £86.

BONKERS isn’t it! 

PLUS for a limited time they’re giving you a £50 top up limit on your first order AND if you do decide to join then use THIS LINK and as a thanks you’ll receive your first months membership for FREE!

I’m going to spend some time in the coming week focusing on individual items from the BEAUTY PIE range because its safe to say that I’m already well and truly hooked on this brand but today I’d like to give a little mention to the Super Moisture Lip Balm, because lip balm’s are one of my most favourite things!

Housed within a small, chic, understated glass jar with white lid you’ll find the thickest richest, most delicious smelling lip balm of dreams.

99.4% natural this decadent balm is enriched with a host of skin loving, nourishing ingredients to leave  your lips feeling hydrated, soft, plump and beautiful.

Avocado oil nourishes, shea butter softens, sweet Almond Oil offers a soothing element while
With a scent reminiscent of a vanilla-coconut hybrid it is an absolute pleasure to use and its nourishing qualities last for ages on account of the thickness and richness of the balm itself. 

This was the very first item I tried and I was immediately impressed. 

I’m onto my second box now and I’m yet to be disappointed! 

In fact, here’s a sneak peek of the simply gorgeous Futurelipstick Luxe Shine in Pinkyum which cost me just £4.33 which without my £5 membership would have set me back £20.

If like me you adore luxury cosmetics and skincare but can’t justify the often hefty price tags that go along with them then I implore you to give BEAUTY PIE a go. What do you have to lose?

Don't forget, if you decide to join then use THIS LINK and as a thanks you’ll receive your first months membership for FREE!

Click HERE for your first month’s BEAUTY PIE  membership for free.

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