Monday, 1 October 2018

Nina Ricci Bella

Nina Ricci has unveiled a new chapter in Les Belles de Nina saga. Meet Bella.

This fruity, gourmand fragrance is a reflection of a new, modern-day princess! Daring, magnetic and yet equally enchanting as its predecessors Bella is a sensual and feminine fragrance guaranteed to delight.

Captured within the now iconic Nina Ricci apple shaped vessel (the eternal forbidden fruit), the soft green hue reflects perfectly the fresh and lively scent within.

Sitting atop a smooth, elegant gold leaf you’ll find a lady bird of bewitching blue. It is such a beautiful bottle to look at and when you hold it in the palm of your hand you can easily imagine yourself as the princess within the story.

Removing the cap and spraying the magic within you are met with a fragrance that is both sweet and bold, whimsical and yet elegant.

You are first met with notes of green mandarin and indulgent rhubarb which sweetly swirl themselves around you, enchanting your senses and tantalising your tastebuds with their bitter-sweet scent before heart notes of rose, freesia and feminine rose jelly create an opulent and delicately floral explosion.

Base notes of comforting, sweet vanilla and warm white musk complete the fragrance by adding an overall smoothness to the experience.

It is a beautiful combination of floral and fruity with a soft, delicate vanilla twist that makes Bella addictive and enchanting. 

It manages to be both a romantic and light-hearted scent and is one of those fragrances that once it has sat on your skin for a time, smells even better than when first applied.

I adore everything about this fragrance but there is no denying that that the bottle is one of the most magical and beautiful fragrance bottles I’ve ever seen.

I know they say never judge a book by its cover or a fragrance by its bottle, but in the case of Bella I’d say judge away because the beautiful magic that you see is indeed the beautiful scent that you get.

Nina Ricci Bella is available now from The Fragrance Shop and costs £50 for 50ml.

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