Sunday, 7 October 2018

Kérastase Résistance Extentioniste Collection

I love having long hair. I love it that much that I’ve pretty much always had super long hair, apart from a period of time about 10 years ago when I lopped it all off, got some tattoos and piercings, immediately regretted it and bought hair extensions but that’s another story!

What I do not love about long hair is the amount of upkeep it takes to keep it looking healthy.

It’s hard work and finding the right products that help to keep your hair looking its best can be tough.

Thankfully Kérastase have recently launched a brand new range designed specifically for long hair called Résistance Extentioniste.

Kérastase recognises that long hair needs personalised training to go the distance and remain strong and beautiful so they have created a daily hair training programme which helps to strengthen your hair from root to tip.

The path to long, luscious locks is not an easy one thanks to the damage and stress that affects hair health on a daily basis from elements such as pollution, over processing and aggressive mechanical damage.

All of these things work against your hair and can result in split ends, dullness and ultimately, unmanageable hair where the only resolution is to have your damaged lengths and ends cut off.

The new Résistance Extentioniste programme of products have been created to help stop this from happening by combining scalp care and reinforcement of the structure and surface of the hair fibre to help keep hair’s elasticity, its glow and its strength from root to tip. 

The Kérastase Résistance Extentioniste Line Up comprises of;

Bain Extentioniste (£19.50): A Length Strengthening Shampoo
Fondant Extentioniste (£22.90): A Length Strengthening Conditioner
Masque Extentioniste (£31.70): A Length Strengthening Mask
Serum Extentioniste (£49.50): A Scalp and Hair Serum 

The hero element within this range is something called Creatine R™, which is a powerful fusion of Creatine and Ceramides.

The Creatine R™ Complex works in two ways to help reinforce and protect the hair fibre from damage, firstly by working on the surface to mimic the hair’s natural lipids and smooth the hair fibre and secondly by helping to form temporary bonds within the hair fibre which helps keep hair looking healthy as it continues to grow.

The Creatine R™ complex has also been combined with Taurine and Maleic Acid which capture mineral ions such as calcium in the hair and together help to encourage length and fibre fitness to deliver superior care for long hair.

The entire range possesses a really delicate, fresh and gorgeous scent. Soft and refreshing it isn’t overpowering or heady and breathes an air of lightness into your hair.

Begin the programme with their Bain Extentioniste - a lightweight shampoo that lathers beautifully and rinses to leave hair feeling soft and thoroughly cleansed without being stripped. 

Follow with the Fondant Extentioniste, a lightweight yet highly nourishing conditioner that helps to detangle and impart softness and manageability to your locks.

If your hair is in particular need of some extra TLC now is time to apply the Masque. Thick, nourishing and decadent, apply to damp hair, leave for five minutes then rinse. It offers a more intensive treatment than the conditioner but doesn’t need to be used daily.

Finally complete your treatment with the scalp and hair serum. Once your hair has been towel dried, apply two or three full pipettes along your scalp and using the tips of your fingers massage into your scalp.

This serum helps to create stronger hair right from the root and only needs to be used once or twice a week.

I’ve been following this programme for a number of weeks and I can say that from day 1 I noticed a change in my hair.

I love how air-light and free my hair feels despite how nourishing the products are. My hair isn’t weighed down at all and it smells beautifully fresh.

The collection somehow managed to impart a healthy shine along the entire length of my hair, even the ends which if I’m honest, are more than a little damaged.

I think it’s great that Kérastase realise that long hair needs to be treated in a particular way to ensure health and vitality and their new range of products certainly help to deliver that.


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