Monday, 23 July 2018

Baylis & Harding Beauticology Unicorn Candy Collection

Continuing the super- hot trend for mythical, mysterious and undeniably magical Unicorns and Unicorn themed products is the latest collection from Baylis and Harding.

Check out the frankly fabulous Beauticology Unicorn Candy Collection.

Comprising of a hand wash (£2.15), a bath foam (£3) and shower crème (£3) this playful range  features pretty and enchanting packaging designed to catch your eye and bring out your fun side!

The bottles feature the image of a candy pink unicorn head, partially hidden behind flowing, pastel flowers set to a palette of pinks, lilacs, soft greens and delicate yellows. It is oh so very pretty!

So, what does Unicorn Candy actually smell like I hear you ask?

It smells exactly like you would imagine.

It’s actually really hard to describe its scent, but here goes…. Think, freshly baked, warm vanilla sponge cakes topped with thick, decadent icing and topped with the softest,sweetest cherry.

That is what this collection smells like and it is DELECTABLE!

My kids love washing their hands with the wash as they pour over the picture on the packaging and delight in its sweet scent.

I love sinking into a bath which smells like a sweet shop, surrounded in soft frothy bubbles and cleansing with the rich, creamy shower cream.

The scent lingers on your skin too allowing you to enjoy the magical experience even after you’ve left the bathroom. Just lush.

Available exclusively from Boots this collection is probably my favourite to date and I can’t get over how reasonably priced the entire range is.

It’s actually even cheaper than usual at the moment as Boots have a 1/3 off on selected Beauticology products for a limited time so there’s never been a better time to treat yourself to this fantastical new collection!


  1. Oh my goodness...These look so cute.
    I love the sound of the scent. It smells exactly what unicorns should smell like. hehehe x

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