Monday, 30 April 2018

Michael Buble By Invitation Rose Gold

By Invitation Rose Gold is the new fragrance release from cult crooner, Mr Michael Buble!

Speaking of Michael Buble, did I ever tell you about the time when working at FHM Magazine that I left for the day and bumped into a handsome young man who held the doors to reception open for me?

I smiled, thanked him without paying much attention then walked out. 

I’d only taken a few steps when I suddenly realised that I recognised him, so I turned back around to catch another glimpse of him, to help clarify in my mind how I knew him.

It was at that exact moment that I saw him turn around to look back at me too. 

We locked eyes. I smiled, he smiled, I turned back and silently blushed.

I was mortified that he had seen me looking at him and knew that he probably thought I was checking him out, but hey, he’d clearly been checking me out too so fair enough!

As I turned the corner onto a busy Oxford Street and made my way to the tube it suddenly clicked.

That handsome young man was not someone I knew. That handsome young man was only bloody Michael Buble who as it turns out, was visiting Magic FM’s offices for an interview! (Magic! Was in the same building as FHM, ZOO, Kerrang and KISS radio)

So yeah. I inadvertently checked out and got checkout out by Michael Buble. 

Funny old world hey! And now here I am 8 years later reviewing his second fragrance!

By Invitation Rose Gold is a sensual and heady Floral Oriental Gourmand scent, packed full of a host of elegant floral notes delicately off-set by soft, sweet tones.

Housed in the same shaped bottle as the original, this scent is as you would expect, enrobed in the most gorgeous Rose Gold tones.

Simple yet stunning the rose gold of the bottle touches on the playful pink notes of the fragrances.

Designed to resemble an elegant piece of jewellery, the bottle is surrounded by what can only be described as rose gold bracelet, reflecting the precious and beautiful nectar within.

By Invitation Rose Gold is a more complex and heady scent that its predecessor and opens with top radiant notes of magnolia, red fruits and Granit pear.

Heart notes of tender rose and peony blend into perfection with a hint of black plum while base notes of warm cinnamon, creamy vanilla and sweet praline provide a decadent and rich, gourmand experience.

Complex, deep and delicious it is a fabulous addition to Buble’s fragrance collection and in my opinion would be an excellent night-time companion to the original scent.

Michael Buble By Invitation Rose Gold is available now from The Perfume Shop and costs £55 for 100ml.

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