Thursday, 12 April 2018

Flowerbomb Nectar

I love it when Fragrance Houses launch new editions or special edition fragrances based on a pre-existing, iconic scent.

 If you are already big fans of the original then it gives you the opportunity to explore a scent which is likely to be similar to the one you love but that features new, exciting and intriguing notes.

It’s for this very reason that I was EXTREMELY excited when I saw that Viktor and Rolf had launched Flowerbomb Nectar.

I am a mega fan of the original and simply adore its soft, addictive, feminine, gourmand-floral notes.

It’s one of those fragrances that is instantly recognisable when you smell it and for someone like me who loves sweet scents, it is the perfect combination of sweet yet delicately floral.

Flowerbomb Nectar is in my opinion, equally beautiful, recognisable and undeniably feminine.

Housed in a gorgeous multi-faceted vessel, the Nectar bottle mirrors the original in design yet in form it is actually a shorter, wider octagon shaped bottle. 

Retaining all the beauty of its iconic predecessor you can see the delicate pink nectar within through the glass. 

Described as being a ‘sensual floriental’ scent, Flowerbomb Nectar offers an explosion of floral notes coupled with a surprising twist.

While it retains many of the same gorgeous notes as the original (Bergamot, Jasmine, Vanilla & Patchouli) it also contains a blend of notes which together create a mysterious, sensual and in some ways, a more intense fragrance. 

The fragrance opens with top notes of Bergamot, Blackcurrant and surprisingly, Gunpowder Accord.
This unusual note creates an almost metallic freshness against the sweet and floral bergamot and blackcurrant, tantalising your senses!

Top notes melt away to reveal a delicate and feminine floral nectar of Sambac Jasmine and Orange Flower combined with the familiar sweetness of Osmanthus.

The scent is completed with base notes of soft, creamy vanilla, patchouli and warm,spicy tonka bean which create the addictive gourmand element that I love so much!

The overall result is a fragrance that explodes upon application, releasing a combination of soft, sweet, floral and intense notes that capture your senses and leave you feeling draped in sensuality.

It is a stronger scent in many ways from Flowerbomb and the Gunpowder Accord is actually really quite powerful until the scent has lingered on your skin for some time.

Once the top notes fade you are left with a fragrance that is sweeter and fiercer than its predecessor.

Flowerbomb Nectar most certainly has not disappointed!

I find it a thrilling addition to the Flowerbomb line of fragrances and feel that in terms of wear, it is well suited as an evening scent thanks to the sensual and intense nature of its notes.

 Flowerbomb Nectar is available now from The Fragrance Shop and costs £57.50 for 30ml.


  1. Flowerbomb Nectar sounds amazing. I was just smelling the original one in the airport the other week and considering it for my wedding perfume

    Jenna xo

  2. This sounds incredible! I really like the bottle design too. x

    Jordan Alice


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