Wednesday, 6 June 2018

Cloud Nine Magical Quick Dry Potion

Ever since discovering and falling in love with my UH-MAZING Cloud Nine straighteners (check out my review HERE) I have been religiously using their Magical Potion.

This Magical Quick Dry Potion (to give it its full name) is described as a miracle must-have hair hero thanks to its ability to reduce drying time by up to 50% as well as providing heat production, a leave-in condition AND a UV Filter.

I know right, is there anything this bad boy doesn’t do?!

Housed in a sleek, chic and simple bottle this two tone spray separates when left sat stationary but when shaken, mixes perfectly to create a nourishing and protective spray that actually saves you time when it comes to drying your hair.

Now, I’ve got a LOT of hair. I recently had 6 inches cut off and to be honest, it looked like I’d just had a trim- my hair is that long and as you can imagine, drying it is a massive ball ache.

It usually takes forever so when I discovered that this potion claimed to reduce drying time I was VERY excited.

When shaken and mixed the spray is ready to use.

Sprayed liberally over towel dried hair it possesses a delicate, fresh scent. It isn’t at all over-powering which I really like as I enjoy the scent of my shampoo to be the lasting fragrance on my hair as opposed to my styling products.

You can immediately feel that your hair has been drenched in a mist of nourishment as I suspect there is an oil component to the spray given the way it separates in the bottle.

Now, when it comes to blow drying my hair when I’ve used the potion I can confirm that to my delight it does actually help to reduce drying time.

Seriously! I’m not sure it’s by as much as half, but it certainly happened a lot quicker than it otherwise would so that element gets a massive thumbs up!

In terms of its ability to act as a heat protector and shield hair from damage, my hair has certainly not shown any signs of damage from being blow dried or from using my Cloud Nine’s.

In fact, once dried and I’ve run my Cloud Nine's through my hair, my locks are left looking super shiny and feeling sleek, soft and nourished.

I do feel a bit like it hasn’t been fully activated until I use my straighteners but once I have- wow.

Even on hair as long and thick as mine, you can tell that your hair has been treated to some extra nourishment in the form of the leave in conditioner and the static I’d usually find at the ends of my hair has all but gone. Like magic.

Cloud Nine’s Magical Quick Dry Potion is a brilliant multi-tasking hair product that will help to protect, nourish and beautify your locks.

You can grab your now from the Cloud Nine Website where it costs £20.

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