Monday, 25 September 2017


Dream is the beautiful, ethereal new scent from GHOST.

This enchanting floral oriental fragrance captures and creates the essence of a dream, with the vessel that holds that essence providing the perfect outward reflection of what lies within.

The dreamy bottle encapsulates the pink clouds of a hazy sunset and the play of light on rippling water within its multifaceted glass bottle; light and pretty yet complex, much like the scent.

Top notes of 100% natural Rose essence creates a soft, familiar floral scent while Aquaflora takes centre stage to offer a delicate, acqueous experience.

Mid notes of heady Egyptian jasmine, fragrant morrocan orange flower and pretty violet and heliotrope form the enchanting and sensuous mid notes while addictive base notes of woody musks, patchouli and ambroxan musks round off what is a u unique a beautiful scent.

Some oriental floral scents can be quite heavy and heady but Dream is beautifully light and breezy.

It is light enough to be worn as a day fragrance but enchanting and potent enough to be an evening scent too.

GHOST Dream is available now and 30ml costs £27.

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