Thursday, 21 September 2017

bilou at Superdrug

If you’re yet to hear of a brand called bilou, where the heck have you been!

To fill you in, bilou is a fabulous new brand that is gracing the shelves of Superdrug right now!
Developed in Germany and following its hugely successful launches across Europe, this quirky and fabulous brand is now available exclusively at Superdrug.

A sweet-smelling-scent-lovers dream the brand is known for its unique and unusual fragrances that will satisfy even the sweetest of teeth!

Their products comprise of 2in1 Bodsprays, Creamy Shower Foams and Gentle Cream Foams in a variety of delicious smelling scents.

My eyes literally lit up when I saw the scents; Tasty Donut, Fizzy Berry, Cotton Candy, Coco Cocktail and Pink Melon.

Now you know how much I love anything sweet and sacchariney so this range sounded right up my street!

Of the 5 fragrances available I opted to try the three sweetest smelling ones (obviously)!

Tasty Donut is up first!

This delicious, warm, sweet scent smells like freshly baked donuts with a fruity strawberry icing.

I had to stop myself from squirting it into my mouth it smelt THAT yummy!

The Tasty Donut Creamy Shower Foam (£3.99) is a wonderfully soft and rich foam that froths beautifully, enveloping your senses and gently cleansing your skin with a sumptuous, soft, creamy foam.

Non drying on your skin and leaving behind a body that smells good enough to eat this has become a firm favourite of mine!

Up next is their 2in1 Bodyspray in Coco Cocktail (£3.99).

It is 2in1 because the special mix of ingredients makes it both a mild, nourishing deodorant as well as a refreshing bodyspray, though I personally probably wouldn’t use it as a deodorant.

As for the scent, think of a tropical paradise!

Creamy coconut and tropical Madagascan vanilla create an addictive, refreshing and delicious scent that leaves you craving more and the moisturising properties of the spray mean your skin feels soft and smooth when applied. 


Last but not least is the Cotton Candy scent, which I have to admit is my favourite!

This stuff smells like the real thing! 

Sweet, sugary with a hint of vanilla and caramel this scent is delectable and I’m thrilled that once I have indulged in a really long shower covering myself in the creamy foamy loveliness that I can continue the experience thanks to their Cream Foam (£3.99).

This mild, gentle, soft and creamy foam is essentially a body lotion in frothy form. 

Light like a lotion but nourishing like a body cream it leaves tour skin feeling soft and nourished and of course, smelling delightful!

The entire range of brilliant bilou products can be found exclusively at Superdrug now.


  1. I will have to look out for these. I love the sound of them. x

  2. I love the look of the Bilou products, I bet they smell amazing!


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