Wednesday, 12 July 2017

XO Balm

XO Balm is the new, natural beauty solution for those of us (like me) who are suffering from eczema, contact dermatitis and dry skin.

One of the many issues I have when it comes to finding a moisturiser or product to help with my sore, dry skin is trying to find a product that won’t aggravate it further.

Fragrances, alcohols and preservatives sometimes irritate my skin further and actually make things worse rather than helping to ease the problem.

Lucky for me then that XO Balm comprises of just 4 active ingredients from completely natural origins.

This multi-purpose balm contains coconut oil, beeswax, chia seed oil and olive oil. That’s it. 

Bonkers right? But what’s so beneficial about just these four ingredients?

So, coconut and olive oil are 100% natural emollients which help to nourish your skin, natural beeswax helps to strengthen the skin’s natural barrier and chia seed oil reduces skin itching and inflammation helping to  soothe discomfort and protect the skin. 

Because XO is free from preservatives, sulphates and fragrances it avoids triggering any sensitivity and its scent comes purely from the natural beeswax and coconut oil. 

Another issue I have all the time is finding a product that leaves my skin feeling soft and nourished for longer than 5 minutes after application.

Thankfully XO has this covered too due to the fact that it is a balm.

Greasy emollients and moisturisers can often be transferred from your skin to clothes really easily, and washed or wiped off your skin before they’ve really had a chance to sink in.

This balm sits on your skin with a matte finish and refuses to budge!

It doesn’t feel greasy, it doesn’t look shiny, it just feels silky and soft.

It is perfect for really sore, stubborn areas of dry, cracked skin that need some serious tlc and it offers immediate relief which is awesome.

I love popping a generous blob of balm onto troublesome areas before I go to bed and letting it work its magic overnight, leaving my skin feeling softer and more comfortable come the morning.

XO Balm is available now and costs £12.50.


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