Thursday, 13 July 2017

Britney Spears VIP Private Show

VIP Private Show is the scrummy new fragrance from Britney Spears.

Just when you think she couldn’t possibly create another addictive and delicious scent, she does!

Inspired by the thrill of being up close and personal with the star, VIP Private Show is everything you would expect from a Britney fragrance and it certainly does not disappoint.

This fragrance may have just overtaken Fantasy as my all time favourite Britney perfume thanks to the combination of its super cute, multifaceted bottle and its sweet yet juicy scent.

The bottle itself is a beautiful, pink, crystalline hexagon and features a spakling golden gem cap.

 In terms of some of her other fragrances it is probably the least ‘fussy’ and understated bottle thus far and I actually quite like the simplicity of it.

The scent itself is very Britney-esq and by that I mean it retains all the sweetness so familiar with her fragrances and yet it possesses more of a light-ness.
It is not as musky as some of the others and is probably the most floral in the entire collection.

Top notes of zesty blood oranges blend with red apple and mango nectar creating a deliciously ripe and juicy experience.

Mid notes of violet blossom, orange blossom and magnolia tone down the fruitiness somewhat, leaving a delicate, floral and feminine element before base notes of raspberry wood, golden amber and velvet musk round off the scent with a gentle, powdery softness.

It is a really lovely fragrance which is perfect for summer and sunny days, so if you find some of Britney’s other scents too sacchariney, keep an eye out for VIP Private Show when it launches on August 1st.

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