Wednesday, 9 November 2016

Treaclemoon Warm Cookie Dough Bath & Shower Gel

I love sinking into a warm and frothy bath at the end of a cold, long day.

It’s something I relish and look forward to so the product I use in the bath is really important to ensure I get the experience I want!

My current favourite is this delicious lovely from Treaclemoon.

Meet their newest scent, Warm Cookie Dough.

All the noms!

This fabulously sweet and addictive bubble bath smells just like warm cookies; sweet, warming and scrummy!

I can definitely pick out a creamy vanilla scent and it actually reminds me a little of malted milk!

Pour under warm running water for a bath full of bubbles of apply onto a sponge as a frothy body wash and indulge in the sweet comforting scent of a bakery!

It smells good enough to eat and at just £3 a bottle is a real bargain buy!

Get your Warm Cookie Dough bath and shower gel from Treaclemoon at Tesco now.


  1. This sounds amazing! Must give it a go! Sophie x

  2. I love this! Sounds like a pretty awesome product and the scent must be divine. It’s also really affordable and just like Philosophy’s products but cheaper. Tesco are really on the money, will have to pop in sometime to have a look what they have on offer. Thanks for sharing! :-) Xx

    Helen | Helens Fashion & Beauty Blog


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