Thursday, 3 November 2016

Clarol Skincare

Once I entered my thirties I’d hoped that one of the things id left behind in my twenties was problem skin.

Alas, no. 

I am still plagued at certain times of the month with greasy skin and pimples, which as an adult I find embarrassing and it really knocks my confidence.

One of the issues with many spot fighting products is that the ingredients are too harsh for my sensitive skin which then leaves my skin dry and flaky and spots even more red and angry, which is far from ideal.

Just as well I found a brand called Clarol then!

Clarol skincare is a revolutionary new skincare range for acne. Their products contain naturally active ingredients that work in conjunction with the body’s natural resistance to acne to help fight acne and break outs while keeping skin healthy and strong.

Unlike conventional anti acne treatments, Clarol products strengthen, enhance and protect the body’s natural resources for preventing and fighting acne without damaging surrounding skin, something which I find is a huge problem with so many products!

Unlike many other acne brands, Clarol is easy to use, uncomplicated and features just three key products.

You’ve got an exfoliating facial wash (£11.95), a moisturiser called Sebopure (£12.95) and conceal and shield concealor (£11.95).

This zit fighting trio are the most gentle yet effective products I’ve ever had the pleasure of using.

Your first step to beautiful skin is to cleanse with their Silver and Birch exfoliating face wash.

This gentle, non abrasive cleanser is packed full of skin loving, spot fighting ingredients including salicylic and methyl salicylic acid, microsilver, birch bark and tea tree to kill bacteria, soothe and gently buff away dead skin that can clog pores.

 You don’t need to use a lot, a dollop the size of a 10p piece will do. Apply to damp skin twice a day and massage in circular motions before washing off.

Skin is left feeling soft, smooth and surprisingly not at all dry or tight.

Next up is their hero product, Sebopure.

This lightweight, non greasy moisturiser helps to keep sebum pure to prevent pore blockages and inflammation which lead to spots.

It contains a natural plant active derived from Wild Mustard Leaf Oil called Pixalia, which works by both decreasing the amount of serum produced while at the same keeping sebum pure and clean through neutralising the oxidisation process and preventing bacterial build-up.

It also increases the skin’s natural moisturising deposits called glycerides, aiding the skin’s elasticity and smoothness while protecting from break outs.

The cream itself is like a lotion in texture, light and scent free when applied to your whole face it is absorbed really quickly leaving no trace.

Again you don’t need a lot, I use about a 5p piece amount and that’s enough for my whole face.
It works as a fab make up base and actually helps to prevent make up bacteria getting into the surface sebum and causing breakouts.

Lastly you have the conceal and shield concealor to help hide your breakouts while continuing the fight against your zits.

Available in 5 shades this light, creamy concealer hides blemishes while shielding them from bacteria thanks to their revolutionary new ingredient called Teflose.

Teflose is a natural ingredient that offers a protective coating that stops acne bacteria from being able to grip onto the skin.

Conceal & Shield also contains a new skin prebiotic called Biolin, a food which only healthy skin flora can consume. 

It helps to increase the amount of healthy skin flora on blemished skin which helps to repair the skin barrier & fight off acne bacteria.

Amazing stuff right and so much more than just a concealer!

The product itself is creamy yet light so it doesn’t feel heavy on your face or clog your skin.

Apply a pea sized amount directly onto your spot with the soft applicator brush and gently pat into and around the problem area until it has blended into your skin.

In terms of its ability to cover spots it certainly decreases the redness but I would say that for very aggressive breakouts you may need a slightly thicker product on top. 

I’ve been using these three products for a month or so now and I’ve noticed a real difference in my skin.

The frequency and ferocity of break outs has decreased and when I do get a break out I’ve noticed that they seem to clear up much quicker than before.

All three products are extremely gentle on your skin and do a great job at not just fighting breakouts but helping to soothe and heal your existing spots.

You can purchase all three Clarol products from their website now.

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