Wednesday, 9 November 2016

Antonia Burrell Cream Supreme Moisturiser

Of all the skincare products I use it’s always the moisturiser that makes me nervous.

I’ve got oily/combination skin and while I can get the rest of my routine spot on, if I then plonk the wrong kind of moisturiser onto my face it can all go very, very wrong, leading to breakouts and super greasy skin.

Not nice.

I count myself lucky then that I’ve discovered Antonia Burrell’s Cream Supreme Moisturiser.

This 100% natural, radiance giving, anti ageing moisturiser is designed to help reduce redness, tackle blemishes, break-outs AND pigmentation too.

Talk about a multi tasking product right, all this and It also helps to smooth and improve your skin!

But how? Well, this lightweight moisturiser is infused with an organic certified Anti-Acne Complex, which has been clinically proven to reduce acne bacteria activity and redness, improve the health of oily skin and provide balance between hydration and oil production.

It also contains Larch Extract, a natural SPF Booster with UV-absorbing properties and a plant alternative to collagen,patented Olive Leaf Extract clinically proven to reduce the appearance of irritated and stressed skin and Mango Seed known as the ‘super-fruit’ with excellent levels of antioxidant vitamins A, C and E to protect skin from further free radical damage and maintain healthy levels of hydration. 

It’s an impressive cocktail eh? Well it doesn’t end there as it is also enriched with Amazonian patented bio actives, which have been clinically proven to effectively balance oily skin, reduce acne and manage hyperpigmented disorders. 


Well, the proof is in the pudding right?

The cream itself is a wonderfully light product, more lotion than cream in texture which sinks into the skin quickly leaving no trace.

Skin is immediately left feeling soft and nourished without a hint of greasiness and after using it twice a day for 4 weeks I have definitely noticed a dramatic change to the quality of my skin.

Breakouts are fewer and I’ve actually noticed than my T-Zone appears much less oily throughout the day which is amazing.

Because it doesn’t clog your skin or feel heavy, it makes a brilliant base for make up and offers just the right amount of hydration.

I love using a product that I know is not just going to tackle my breakout issues but thanks to its potent ingredients is also going to help me fight the signs of ageing- something that now I’m in my thirties I’m finding myself more concerned about. 

Antonia Burrell’s Cream Supreme Moisturiser is a brilliantly gentle and effective moisturiser that is so fab it can be used by all skin types.

You can grab your own pot over on Antonia’s site now where it costs £48.

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