Monday, 20 April 2015

Glamour Living Luxury Acrylic Makeup Organiser

If like me, you own rather a lot of make up, you'll understand how frustrating it can be when it comes to finding that one lippie that you know you have, somewhere, but desperately need for a night out.

Could it be in your handbag? Your cosmetics purse? The box you have in the bathroom? The bed side table? You see my point, right?

It's so annoying having to rustle through a giant cosmetics bag trying to find that illusive item, so imagine my utter joy when I came across a brand called Glamour Living.

Glamour Living create the finest and most luxurious acrylic make up organisers which are individually handcrafted with love and care in the UK.

Loved by celebs such as Coleen Rooney, Amy Childs and Kerry Katona , their products are made to exceptional standards using only UK labour and materials and each product is individually handcrafted by talented technicians, not mass produced on machines.

 Unlike other acrylic makeup storage units that can be dull and yellow in colour, at risk of discolouration or even breaking due to being made with recycled acrylic, Glamour Living only make their beauty boxes with the highest optimal clarity acrylic that quite
Literally, sparkles.

If you hadn't gathered already, these boxes are more than just a little bit special, they are nothing short of breathtaking.

Yes, I know that you are looking for something practical when it comes to organising your cosmetics, but you don't just want practical, you want gorgeous too.

You want something that looks beautiful in your room and guess what, Glamour livings collection of boxes are certainly beautiful!

Each unit is designed with elegance and class in mind, resulting in a unit that would easily fit into any theme in a room.

You can check out the other boxes available from the glamour Living website now, but I want to show you mine!

Allow me to introduce you to my Glamourqueen!

This piece of art features 6 tiers of all equal height (4cm) with 5 draws and a lift top section at the top. 

It comes with a set of three different dividers, a pair of slide dividers, an 'X' divider and a grid divider, perfect for organising your make up however you wish!

I adore my Glamourqueen and have no idea how I managed to live so long without this in my life!

She (yes, it's a she!) sits in my bedroom and sparkles like a diamond as the sunlight hits her perfectly shiny, clear facets. She sits atop a draw unit and her beauty is really eye catching, in fact, I get asked about her all the time when my friends see her!
And of course, when they see her, they want her too.

Dimensions: Height 12”/31cm x Width 15”/38.5cm x Depth 12”/31cm

I love that I can see my make up through her, making finding anything I need in a hurry easy peasy, and despite being packed full of make up, she still manages to make it look tidy!

The handy dividers included within her help to organise my products and keep them neat and tidy, separating my lipsticks from my glosses for example.

Now I need to point out just how much space this little beauty has! I managed to empty three make up bags worth of cosmetics into my Glamourqueen and it is still far from full! I have about a draw and a half left to fill of make up!

I know there's more to life than a makeup organiser, but for any beauty addict out there, is is the creme de la creme of organisers.

It exudes beauty and class, is exceptionally well made in the UK and doesn't just fulfil it's purpose, it exceeds it thanks to it quality and pure gorgeousness.

The Glamourqueen retails at £250 from the Glamour Living website which I know sounds like a lot of money, but you really do get what you pay for with this beauty box and Glamour living are the only company in the UK that produce these unique and trademarked products.

You can find about more of the Glamour Living products here and if you subscribe to their newsletter, on top of hearing all about exclusive latest news, offers and competitions, you can also get 5% off your first order!


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