Monday, 17 November 2014

DKNY Women Sparkling Fall

Women Sparkling Fall is a glitzy new fragrance from DKNY and is perfect for this party season!

This fresh, zesty fragrance seems to capture, for me at least, what ‘sparkles’ might smell like, indeed it has been inspired by the sequins and sparkle of a celebration.

The packaging tells you everything you need to know about this perfume, with the box featuring hundreds of shiny, purple sequins.

The tall, rectangular bottle is a tribute to the NYC skyline and despite its masculine lines, retains its femininity with its purple tinted fragrance inside.

Its definitely more of an evening fragrance, but I reckon you could get away with wearing it as a day one during winter thanks to its perfect blend of fruity yet also intense notes.

Grapefruit, Blackcurrent and Plum give the fragrance a young, sweet and fresh element while rose and pink pepper balance this, adding a modern twist.

Background notes of tonka beans, benzoin and Patchouli underpin the entire fragrance, offering a mysterious and seductive scent.

Somehow it manages to be both powerful, and subtle, a really lovely fragrance.

DKNY Women Sparkling Fall is available now exclusively from Boots stores and costs £41 for 100ml.


  1. this sounds like a lovely perfume and it's so cheap! I also think the bottle is so pretty (I'm a sucker for pretty packaging!) x

  2. This sounds gorgeous I love the packaging and the bottle, and am a fan of DKNY xxx


  3. I have the original one of these and love it, It's one of my all time favourite scents, so I'm sure I'd love this too x

    Becky @ The Little Blog of Beauty


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