Wednesday, 30 October 2013

DKNY’s Be Delicious & Fresh Blossom Skin EDT, Fragrance with Benefits

I don’t know about you, but I LOVE perfume and fragrance. It can help define your mood, compliment how you feel or even reflect the changing seasons.

A great perfume can become the ever present, underlying fragrance to your life, a little like a soundtrack to a song, but I digress!

As much as I love my fragrances, with my super-sensitive skin, occasionally, I will experience a small reaction to a fragrance I love, namely due to the alcohol content which dries and irritates my skin. 

This makes me sad, but as far as I was concerned, was just one of those things that can happen with perfume, and I accepted that.

Or rather, I DID accept that, until now. 

The genius’ at DKNY have only gone and updated their gorgeous, best selling apple scents and created a new EDT that not only still smells amazing, but helps to give you smoother , more radiant and moisturised skin!

Be Delicious Skin 100%
It sounds like a dream come true!

Available in two fragrances, the original Be Delicious and also Fresh Blossom, their special ‘Apple fusion complex’ is designed to provide a daily dose of skin boosting ingredients!

Well, as a fan of the original fragrance I simply cannot complain about the fragrance, it is still deliciously fruity and fresh, perhaps slightly lighter than the original.

Fresh Blossom

I can spritz this EDT  onto my skin liberally, without being worried that it may bring me out in a rash- and indeed it didn’t.

Obviously I didn’t spray this all over my body, so it’s hard to say exactly how moisturising it is, but on the areas that did get some, yes they felt fresh and soft and not at all tight or dry.

I think this is one of those beauty items you really need to try for yourself, and DKNY’s Be Delicious Skin EDT, Fragrance with Benefits is definitely worth a try. 

The two EDT’s are available now and retail at £38 for 50ml.


  1. I love the packaging on these :) I wore the apple scent to my ball when I finished school to it takes me straight back there, I love that scent can do that!


  2. I love the original fragrance but find it quite strong, so this may be the perfect scent! x

  3. Sounds lovely & it is great they have found a way to moisturise your skin too! I love it when products have added benefits
    I will have to spritz these when I see them in store

  4. Why anyone would want to moisturise their skin with a perfumed product full of chemicals the company doesn't have to name is beyond me!


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