Thursday, 17 October 2013

Estee Lauder: Modern Muse

Modern Muse is the latest fragrance release from Estee Lauder, and it’s a little bit special!
  Modern Muse is inspired by the duality of today’s woman and complements every aspect of her life.

The fragrance captures the essence of a Modern Muse with a Lush Floral Woody scent, a statement in modern luxury that conveys confidence, style and creativity with a modern, youthful attitude. 

The packaging definitely appeals to a younger audience with its pretty pink blush and deep navy blue bow. It’s undeniably pretty and elegant but it also has a grown up and sophisticated look about it.
The fragrance is composed of subtle contrasts and bold contradictions, revealing layers of strength and softness with two contrasting notes, Jasmine and Sleek Woods.

The Jasmine offers a rich, floral tone to the fragrance while the woody accords give warmth with hints of Vanilla and soft musk.

Other notes include Mandarin, Honeysuckle and Lily which help to create what is in my opinion, the perfect fragrance for the late twenty-something woman. 

It offers a grown up, sophisticated fragrance which is somehow, still ‘young’, and I LOVE how the bottle looks on my dressing table!

Estee Lauder’s Modern Muse EDP is available now and costs £44 for 30ml.

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