Thursday, 18 April 2013

Too Faced Air Buffed BB Crème

I’ve tried many a BB cream, but all of those have been just that. A cream. A liquidy, fluidy cream.

Not this BB Cream, or should I say, crème .

Too Faced’s Air Buffed BB Crème (£32) is a full coverage, compact BB cream, beautifully presented in a little jar, complete with its own little snap- in- place buffing brush!

Available in 5 shades, it’s clear to see that the shade I got (Cream Glow) is far too dark for my pale skin (doh!) so be careful when ordering to make sure you get the right one!

Too Faced Air Buffed BB Crème is a complete coverage balm that is designed to correct uneven skin tone and banishes imperfections with its 5 in 1 benefits.

The cream to powder formula instantly concealed and brightened my complexion and the cute little brush allowed me to build the coverage where I needed it most (think blemishes and eye bags!)

Rose Fruit Extract helps to mattify the skin and refines pores, extracts of Star Fruit Leaf moisturise the skin and SPF 20 sunscreen shields the skin from un-necessary UV damage.

Aside from its physical form, this BB cream differs massively from the majority of others due to its super thick coverage, which I actually rather love.

I always viewed a BB cream as a light alternative to thick and heavy make- up, so to find one that is just the opposite threw me a bit!

That said, as with all BB creams, I love the duality of their skincare and makeup properties, and we all have those days where we need a little extra coverage and help with our skin, so why not have a BB cream that can do that.


I know I’m harping on about how thick the cream is and how it offers full coverage, but actually you can adjust how much you need to use and what level of coverage you want to use easily with the snap in place Air Buff Brush.

Lightly Buffed

It is deliciously soft and leaves the balm evenly distributed on your skin for a flawless finish.

Fully Blended

At £32 this is an expensive buy, but think about how much use you can get from this. You can apply just a little for the days when you want just a tiny amount of coverage, or build it up for days when you need a little extra help, all while enjoying the properties associated with a regular Blemish Balm and you get a gorgeous little brush too!

Too Faced’s Air Buffed BB Crème (£32)is available now exclusively from Beauty Bay.


  1. this really reminds me of the graftobian hd make up, just that they have lighter shades and it's cheaper to get!

  2. Oh wow I love the look of it, it looks so pigmented! I wish they did a lighter shade though... fab review lovely xx
    Gemma ♥ | Miss Makeup Magpie

  3. Great Review, thanks so much!

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