Thursday, 4 April 2013

Clarins New BB Skin Perfecting Cream

This spring see’s the launch of a new product from Clarins.

Clarins new BB Skin Perfecting Cream (£28) is said to offer 3D Radiance thanks to its 3 in one properties;

The ability to even skin tone, revitalise tired skin and protect from harmful UV rays.

Unlike many BB creams which lack one really important component, protection from the sun’s rays, this cream boasts SPF 25.

Extracts of organic kiwi offer vitality and radiance while an exclusive combination of katafray and hyaluronic acid help to restore the skin's water reserves for additional softness and comfort.

Available in three shades (Light, Medium and Dark), it’s a gorgeous cream packed into a fabulously coloured red and gold tube and for once, while it may not look it initially, the ‘Light’ is actually light enough for my pale, pasty skin.


It feels thick and luxurious, without leaving my skin feeling weighed down by it.

It offers a fuller coverage than many of the other BB cream’s I’ve tried, which for someone with problem skin is a god send!

It blended and absorbed into my skin really quickly leaving a fresh, matte, non- greasy finish.


My skin was left feeling wonderfully soft and I really appreciated the extra coverage but without having to resort to foundation, so for spring and summer it’ll be just perfect!

Clarins BB Skin Perfecting Cream (£28) isn’t available just yet, you'll need to wait until April 28th  but you’re going to want to get your hands on this when its out!


  1. This sounds perfect for spring/summer! xx

  2. It looks so orange. Maybe its the photos but even blended your skin does look a different colour

    1. I agree, initially it does, and i did squirt rather a lot on my hand to swatch (oops!) That said, when applied to my face properly and sparingly, it does blend in perfectly without leaving me looking like an oompa loompa- and im proper pale! x


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