Tuesday, 18 September 2012

Clinique New Even Better Eyes Dark Circle Corrector

At the grand old age of 27, I am beginning to notice changes in my skin. My eyes in particular.

I swear that each week I add another line to my already pretty vast collection of crow’s feet and the bags under my eyes appear to continually darken, regardless of how much sleep i have.

It’s depressing.

I’m currently testing out a whole host of different eye creams, lotions and potions (I’ll talk about that another time) so when Clinique’s New EvenBetter Eyes Dark Circle Corrector was launched, I was first in the queue to try it out.

NEW Even Better Eyes is designed to brighten the appearance of the entire eye area.

The cooling massage tip of the tube refreshes tired-looking eyes while the plumping hydration makes thin eye-area skin appear less transparent and appear brighter. 

I love the feeling of applying this product in the morning and evening. 

Just when your eyes feel tired, sore and heavy the cooling tip of the tube feels refreshing and helps wake you up.

The product itself is light and silky, and despite looking rather like a concealor, blends in seamlessly with your skin tone to leave the eye area feeling hydrated and soft.

The finish is that of a satin primer and the product works amazingly as a base for your make up around the eye area.

Whether or not it truly helps to banish dark shadows I couldn’t say (yet) I’d need to use it for longer, but so far so good.



  1. It sounds great, especially since it gives a priming effect too. The only eyecream I've tried is the Dermalogica one with SPF :) xx

  2. I wanted to try this too! It sucks - i'm in my 20s too and I'm starting to see dark circles. Might give this one a try!

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