Thursday, 20 September 2012

ohso : Chocolate That's Good For You (really!)

Chocolate is good for you.

That’s a statement you’d not often hear, unless someone was referring to that 75% plus, bitter as hell stuff that tries to pass itself off as chocolate by hiding in the chocolate aisles in the supermarket.


But seriously ladies, chocolate can be good for you thanks to a brand called ohso.

Each bar of their dark Belgian chocolate contains your optimum daily amount of probiotic, which help to keep your digestive system healthy, and in turn, you happy.

  Bear with me. 

The gluten, wheat and cholesterol free chocolate bar contains around a billion good bacteria, Is 3 times more effective at delivering the good bacteria to your intestines and to top it all off, is only 72 calories a bar.

 Sounds too good to be true right?

Well actually, wrong.

Available in packs of 7 (handy for your 1 a day allowance!) the chocolate is actually rather yummy.

Dark but not bitter, smooth and flavoursome, you wouldn’t even know that it was packed full of good stuff!

 After encouraging my friends at work to try it, the verdict was that the chocolate was ‘actually quite nice’

Now let me point one thing out. 

A family size bar of Cadburys this ‘aint. In fact, its not even a regular size bar. But then what do you expect for 72 calories?

That said, I found that the richness of the chocolate is enough to satisfy your craving and you can munch away safe in the knowledge that for once, your choccie eating is actually doing you some good!

ohso is available online from their website and from Harvey Nichols Food Halls, Ocado, Tesco owned  Nutri Centre and health food stores as well as independent retailers nationwide. 

ohso bars cost £3.99 for a pack of 7, 13.5g bars and are now also available in Orange flavour.

If you would like to win a 7 day supply of ohso to try for yourself, just fill in your details below!

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  1. A guilt free chocolate fix! Brilliant :)

  2. I think I put my username in the tweet bit - But heres the link to the tweet! xx

  3. I can't Resist my self.. chocolates are everyone weakness.
    But, packaging is not very attractive. Even though it is healthy.
    Need to work no Packaging.

  4. Its yummy girls, you really should try it! xx

  5. sounds amazing, guilt free chocolate, got to be one of the greatest things, ever!!

  6. Thanks for sharing, I have never heard of this but I am so eager to try it! They look so small though :(

  7. will finish the rest of my rafflecopter entries once i have updated the giveaway blog xx
    liloo/@tsunimee x

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  8. I love sweets!This giveaway is amazing!I hope it's international!!!!!

    kisses from Greece xoxo

  9. wow just seen the carbohydrates and sugars and WOW impressive! Great for diabetics!

  10. What a great idea !!


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