Friday, 6 April 2018

The Body Shop Japanese Cherry Blossom Strawberry Kiss

Japanese Cherry Blossom Strawberry Kiss is the sweet, juicy, succulent and addictive new scent from The Body Shop.

Drawing on their original Japanese Cherry Blossom range, this fruity new edition is perfect for lovers of all things sweet. 

Like me!

This compact collection comprises of just two products, a Shower Gel (£6) and Eau de Toilette (£15) and what it lacks in matching friends it more than makes up for in substance.

Packaged beautifully with a matching cherry red hue and white floral motif, this duo are the perfect companions for creating long lasting, softly-sweet scented skin. 

 The Shower Gel is actually clear in colour and smells incredible.

Infused with the extract of hand harvested, cold pressed Japanese cherry blossoms, this soap-free, 100% vegetarian is blended with juicy notes of strawberries, pink peony and amber to create the most beautiful scent.

Sweet yet not sickly, this rich gel lathers up beautifully to create soft, frothy bubbles to gently cleanse your skin, leaving it feeling refreshed and smelling good enough to eat.

I love that the smell lingers in my bathroom for hours after I’ve showered too- who needs scented candles eh!

The Japanese Cherry Blossom Strawberry Kiss Eau De Toilette is equally captivating and beautiful as the Shower Gel.

Captured within a cute, retro-style multifaceted glass bottle this scrummy scent features juicy notes of sweet strawberries, delicate Japanese cherry blossoms, pink peony, amber and organic Community Trade sugarcane alcohol from Brazil.

Soft yet sweet, light and fruity this fragrance is perfect for sunny spring days and Injects a real hit of joy into your day.

It’s impossible to feel glum or low when wearing such a sweet, sunny scent.

It is so reasonably priced too at just £15 for 50ml.

I love these two and I hope they aren’t limited edition as I think they sit fabulously within The Body Shop family! 

I’d actually love to see a Body Butter in this scent too!

The Body Shop Japanese Cherry Blossom Strawberry Kiss Shower gel and EDT are available now.

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