Friday, 7 March 2014

Mothers Day Wish List from Selfridges

So, life with a baby is hard work. Franky is 8 weeks old now and while the super-sleep deprived and scary newborn days are behind us, life has still changed forever and for me and  I’ve noticed that  some of the little things I used to take for granted are the things that I miss most now.

This year will be my first mothers day and so when Mr B asked me what I may like as a gift from Franky I had a think about the things I used to enjoy without fully appreciating, but would be considered a luxury for me now!

Things like, having the time to put a bit of make up on in the morning, remembering to pay attention to my skincare regime (and having the time to do so!) and enjoying wearing a nice perfume! (I was advised to not wear strong fragrance for the newborn weeks as babies get used to your natural smell and I really found I missed my perfume!)

So with these things in mind I created a mini Mother’s day wish list for Mr B with items I’m pretty sure loads of other new mums would wish for too!

Firstly, I’d love a gorgeous new eye palette and some lovely new nail polishes to add a bit of colour to my life!  

Nail polishes are great for a mum on the go, like me, as they can perk up your hands and give you a new look in minimal time and with minimal effort!  Clinique’s different nail enamel for sensitive skin (£12 each) in Do Not Disturb and Tickle Me are perfect spring nudes! 

Clinique’s All About Shadow (£32) In Neutral Territory 2 is the perfect eye palette for a mum on the go. The 8 neutral shades, from subtle beiges to deeper browns offer a natural look for tired eyes, giving them a hint of colour and a subtle pop!

Having a baby leaves an inevitable mark on your life but I’ve found it does on my skin too! I don’t have the time to pamper my skin at the moment which is really frustrating as with sleepless  nights and long days, it’s the time when I most need to give my skin some TLC! 

Clarins Double Serum (£69 for 50ml) is definitely on my wishlist for this reason!

This anti ageing serum has 20 plant extracts which stimulate the skins vital functions and helps to prolong its useful appearance. It helps to firm and reduce the appearance of fine lines and restores skin for a more radiant, even complexion. I’m in desperate need of this with my dull, tired skin and eye bags! 

Perfume is another item on Mothers day wish list. After not wearing any for the first few weeks after the birth of Franky, as I didn’t want it to interfere with his ability to recognise my scent, I found that I really missed it!

Acqua Di Parma Gelsomino EDT (£66) is a lovely bright, light, uplifting fragrance, perfect for Spring with notes of bergamot, lemon, mandarin, pink pepper envelope the fresh floral heart, neroli and Jasmine extract from Calabria and celebrate its unique green floral tones.  Yummy!

All of the items on my Mother’s day wish list are available from Selfridges now.

What do you have on your Mother’s day wish list?


  1. The Clinique’s All About Shadow is very pretty, I am tempted to buy this for myself

  2. I'm loving the look of that eye shadow palette! :)
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