Tuesday, 11 March 2014

Good Things Stop That Spot Clearing Gel

Despite being in the latter end of my 20’s I’m still plagued by the occasional spot and its just as annoying now as it ever was.

The trouble I have with most spot treatments is that they are either just utterly ineffective or so strong they burn my skin.

Good Things have launched Stop That Spot clearing gel, an anti-bacterial gel which contains active extracts of willow bark, liquorice, papaya and acai to help tackle unwanted breakouts.

It smells AMAZING! 

Really fruity and fresh, so unlike every other spot treatment  I’ve tried which smells like alcohol and chemicals.

It is a very thin, non gloopy gel that glides across the skin and sinks in quickly, leaving no trace that it was ever there. 

Many other gels sit on top of the skin, leaving a thin, visible film, but not this one.

It also didn’t leave my skin feeling tight or dry and by the morning, my spot was definitely less angry and within another 24-48 hours, had all but gone!

Good Things Stop That Spot Clearing Gel is available now from Boots and costs £4.99.

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