Thursday, 20 March 2014

Cover FX Total Cover Cream Foundation

I rarely wear foundation unless I’m going on a night out or to a big event, mainly because most of the time, I don’t think I need to wear it and I like my skin to feel fresh and un-clogged.

I do however, wear concealer every single day.

One of my absolute staple products that I use as a concealor is Cover FX Total Cover Cream Foundation.

Yep this product is a foundation, but it is so thick I find it works perfectly as a concealer.

The problem I find with many concealors is that they aren’t thick enough to offer a decent amount of coverage, don’t have great staying power and rarely match my skin tone, but this cream is amazing.

Cover FX Total Cream Foundation, Shade N10

Available in a whopping 26 shades within 3 different categories (N for neutral skin tones, G for golden tones and P for pink tones) you are guaranteed to find one that will suit and match your skin tone.

It is exceptionally thick and creamy and blends into your skin beautifully leaving a flawless finish.

You can easily blend and build the cream to create the amount of coverage you need, but it’s so thick you shouldn’t need to build it much.

Despite its thickness, it feels really light on your skin and feels almost invisible to wear, like a second skin.

My shade is N10, one of the palest and it’s perfect for my skin tone. Most concealers, even the light shades are too orange for my super pale face, but this one matches me perfectly, as if it was made for me.

The cream is perfect for hiding spots, red patches and eye bags. 

Now, the only slight downside is it costs £35, BUT I’ve only just had to replace my previous compact and I had that for about 18 months! Think about it, if you’re only using small amounts to conceal imperfections, it’s going to last.

I could sing this products praises all day long.

 It gives me the confidence to leave the house even when I’ve got a massive outbreak of zits or had a horrible night’s sleep with eyebags down to my knees, because with a few dabs of this cream, all imperfections vanish!


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