Wednesday, 13 February 2013

Stella McCartney L.I.L.Y ABSOLUTE

L.I.L.Y ABSOLUTE is the latest fragrance from Stella McCartney.

Framed in gold, L.I.L.Y ABSOLUTE is a sensual, sophisticated and very personal fragrance.

The fragrance comes from Stella’s love of contracts; masculine and feminine, dark and light and it certainly comes across in the smell!

Woody notes are contrasted with floral ones to create a deep scent.

I view this fragrance as being a bit like Marmite- you’ll either love it or you won’t.

Notes of black truffle and black pepper give way to lily of the valley and pink pepper, then dry white woods, patchouli and amber.

There is no denying that the bottle is exquisite, a work of art almost, inspired by English cut-crystal vases with a modern twist.

Now, at £58.50 for 50ml this a relatively expensive fragrance.

If you are a fan of the original L.I.L.Y I highly recommend you try L.I.L.Y ABSOLUTE. If you are a fan of delicate, non-committal fragranced I’d give it a miss.

This fragrance has been designed for a confident, modern woman, so if that’s you, this perfume is for you.

L.I.L.Y ABSOLUTE is available now.


  1. Last week, I popped into several perfume shops and department stores asking about this and I got a lot of blank looks :/ I'm a huge fan of L.I.L.Y. so I'm very keen to try this version, especially now I've read your description. It looks like I'll have to revisit the perfume counters!

  2. Oh Ali thats rubbish! It is brand new though so hopefully they'll start stocking it soon x


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