Tuesday, 19 February 2013

Urban Decay OZ Palettes

They’re here! They’re finally here!

I’m talking about the gorgeous Urban Decay OZ Palettes of course!

Available now from Debenhams, the palettes are inspired by two of the lead characters from the forthcoming film, OZ The Great and Powerful starring Mila Kunis and Michelle Williams at witches Theodora and Glinda.


At £35 each these palettes  may not sound like a bargain, that is until you see what you are getting inside them.

GLINDA Palette

 The palettes each consist of six new eye shadows, a 24/7 glide on eye pencil and a super saturated high gloss lip colour.  The gloss and liner alone costs £14 each, so really £35 is in fact a bargain.

 The shadows in each of the palettes live up to Urban Decay’s high standards, with rich pigmentation and a silk like feel on application.

The Theodora palette is full of natural, earthy shades which work together perfectly to create gorgeous looks.

 Shadows-  Top- Broken, Beware & Bewitch
               Bottom: West, Spell & Jealous

West and Spell are my favourite shades from this palette thanks to their deep, rich tones.

Broken, Beware & Bewitch


West, Spell & Jealous

Broken and Bewitch are also pretty , though I’m still unconvinced about beware- It’s not really my favourite shade and doesn’t seem to fit in that well with the rest of the palette I feel.

I love the dual shadows which, on their own look like really unappealing shades. 

When blended together they take on a whole other look and are actually really nice!

The Glinda palette is my favourite, despite the shades being slightly less wearable in my opinion.

 Shadows- Top: Tornado, Aura & Magic
                   Bottom: Illusion, OZ & South

Tornado, Aura and Illusion are my favourite shadows from this piece with a special mention going to South with its pale grey, almost greeny silver micro glitter.

Tornado, Aura & Magic

Illusion, OZ & South

OZ didn't look at all like I thought it would, but the pale, pastel shade that the two shadows created when blended together was really pretty.

I love the fact the palettes come with Get The Look cards to help you to create your desired look with the shadows, as for non-make- up- artisty people like myself, a little help is often greatly appreciated!

The Urban Decay OZ Palettes are available now from Debenhams.

Will you be treating yourself to one?


  1. Beautiful shades!!! www.adoramehitabel.blogspot.co.uk

  2. I'm going to buy mine tomorrow! So excited! I'm going for the Glinda :)


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