Wednesday, 12 September 2012

Mirror Mirror On The Wall, Who Has The Best Smile Of Them All?

A survey by has revealed which celebs we think have the best  and worst grins.

Both men and women were asked to name the famous face they believe had the perfect smile – and which celebrity looked least appealing when they grinned.

Top Five Smiles

  1.      Duchess of Cambridge

 2.      Holly Willoughby

 3.      Kim Kardashian

 4.      David Beckham

 5.      Tulisa

The 500 respondents were shown photographs of smiling celebs and asked to rate their appeal.

I’m sure it comes as no surprise to hear that the Duchess of Cambridge and TV presenter Holly Willoughby emerged as the nation’s favourite smilers with Kate narrowly clinching the top spot, while Victoria Beckham was named as the least appealing celebrity smiler.

Least Appealing Smiles

1.      Victoria Beckham

 2.      Simon Cowell

 3.      Katie Price

 4.      Amy Childs

 5.      Louis Walsh

So, do you agree with this list?

Who do you think has the most fab smile and who has more of a gurn than a grin?



  1. Funny how the Beckhams appear on both the best & worst list, although no surprises which order :)

  2. I definitely agree about Holly Willoughby! Poor little Louis Walsh though! x

  3. Surely Cheryl should be on the first list?!

  4. Kate Middleton definitely has a lovely smile! xx


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