Sunday, 5 February 2012

Nail Rock Meadham Kirchhoff Nail Wraps

 Nail Rock has collaborated with Meadham Kirchhoff to create a bespoke range of nail wraps for the S/S 12 ‘A wolf in lambs clothing’ collection as seen at London Fashion Week.

The wraps adorned each of the models and were given as gifts to front row guests.

 I’m going to be honest with you- I ADORED these wraps when i first saw them. They are gorgeous, cute, kitch and so different from many other nail wrap designs out there.

I pictured these pretty designs adorning my nails and come Monday morning, my work colleagues all cooing over them.

The reality however if that i found that i was completely unable to use them.

Despite following religiously the instructions on how to apply them, including buffing the nail, wiping them with acetone nail polish remover and cutting the wraps to fit my nail, i just couldn’t get them to work.

My first problem was the design. My nails are relatively short and this meant that some of the pretty images, namely the Giraffe and teddies found themselves either headless or earless (occasionally both) as i couldn’t fit the entire design on my nail.

 (It wasn’t a good look, taking the look from cute, to mild horror!)

The second was that bar the wrap with the little girl image on it (see below) none of the wraps were even vaguely close to being the right size for my cuticles or nails.
By the time i had cut them down enough to be able to fit on my nail, they looked terrible.

 Then when i tried to stick them to my nail, they curled up at the sides and at the end and simply refused to stay stuck down, despite copious amounts of pressure being applied.

In short, i am totally gutted as i loved these wraps, but alas it seems i am doomed to stick to nail varnish.

Nail Rock Meadham Kirchhoff are exclusive to Topshop and cost £8.

Has anyone else had the same trouble with nail wraps or is just me?


  1. i havent tried them yet always wanted to but i make enough mess with nail varnish sometimes so i think the wraps may be more difficult the they look to get done lol

  2. You're not the only one who finds them impossible! I've never gotten on with them either! x

  3. I have a similar thing with transfers like these (which is so depressing seeing as they are so darling!) I now use water transfers, they work like those transfer tatoos you had as a kid. Heres a post I did on them (with links to websites) I hope this is helpful xxx

  4. I had a similar kind of problem with the Fearne Cotton ones from Boots - I don't know if its just because I'm rubbish at putting them on, but they went curly and bumpy :( x

  5. That's such a shame - they are so lovely!
    I have a pack of nail wraps in the cupboard but I haven't had the guts to give them a whirl yet because it looks like the sort of thing I'll mess up massively :)

  6. I tried them for the first time in the week and couldn't get them to stick! So glad I'm not alone. Was actually really quite disappointed as hope hoping it would be a quick and way to get some fab looking nails.

    I had major trouble with them but depends which ones - some work and some dont :)

  8. They are so adorable!

  9. i really want them but i cant find them anywhere :[ they arent even on the Topshop website :s
    what store did you get them from?


  10. I have these. Haven't tried them out yet...I was confused to why there wasn't enough foils for each finger. x


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