Wednesday, 19 May 2021

Murad Intense Recovery Cream

Life can be stressful, particularly at the moment but did you know that stress can cause a host of negative effects to your body?

As your body perceives stress, your adrenal glands make and release a hormone called cortisol into your bloodstream.

Often called the “stress hormone,” cortisol causes an increase in your heart rate and blood pressure. Not good

It can cause issues with your skin too as of course, your skin is the first defender against outside aggressors and indeed in this case inner ones!

Indeed, Dr. Murad has been studying the stressful impacts of the environment, nutrition, and lifestyle on skin and overall wellness since 1972. 

That’s why he formulated the Intense Recovery Cream;

"our most luxurious moisturiser to date, customized with ingredients to offset symptoms of skin stress and boost skin's resilience so it comes back stronger.” 

Murad's beautiful cream intensely helps your skin to recover from the signs of stress and premature ageing.

Clinically proven, this comforting cream which is suitable for both your for face and eyes, helps to reduces the visible signs of stress-induced ageing and redness.

Suitable for all skin types but particularly great for dry skin, it contains A Microalgae extract to help calm the visible sign of stress to reduce the appearance of expression lines while improving under eye dark circles. 

Mirabilis Jalapa Plant Extracts soothe irritation and visibly reduces redness associated with sensitivity and rosacea.

It also contains skincare hero ingredients Shea Butter and Macadamia Oil to offer superior moisturisation offering comfort to dry, parched skin.

A balm/moisturiser hybrid it features all the nourishing qualities of a balm paired with the lightness of a moisturiser.

Quickly absorbed, it instantly quenches dry skin leaving it feeling soft, smooth abs revived.

In clinical trials, 89% of participants showed improvement in the redness of their skin while 88% agreed that their stressed skin felt and looked more relaxed.

Life's hard at the moment but there's no reason your troubles should reveal themselves on your complexion.

Murad's Intense Recovery Cream is available now abs costs £68. 


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