Friday, 19 March 2021

Benefit They're Real Magnet Mascara

 They're Real! Magnet Extreme Lengthening Mascara is the latest mega launch from Benefit.

I can't remember being so excited to try a product since the launch of the now iconic, original They're Real mascara.

Based on the original and featuring a similar shaped and coloured wand, They're Real Magnet differs in that it claims that magnetic forces within the brush and formula itself allow you to create incredible, long lasting lift, volume and curl. 

The brush itself features a magnetically charged core pulls which pulls the the magnetic mineral enriched formula up and out beyond the tips of your lashes, offering unparalleled length and lift. 

The brush itself features custom-designed zigzag bristles which are strategically positioned to help fan out, separate and define each and every lash.

Boasting an impressive 36 hours of immaculate wear, test subject claimed that the mascara helped them to achieve lashes that looked up to 40% longer.

So, the question is, is it really that good?

So first things first, I love the new packaging!

The bottle is a brushed silver and the top of the wand itself has cleverly been designed to resemble a traditional, old school horseshoe red magnet.

When removing the wand from the bottle you'll find just the right amount of product on the brush- you won't need to scrape anything off or mess around with product distribution at all.

The brush itself is relatively soft and its array of fine, zigzag bristles really do allow you to work the brush through your lashes, capturing each and every one as you go. 

Lightweight and easy to manoeuvre and handle, the wand allows you to grab hold of your lashes, gently lifting and curling them up and away from your eyes to create a fluttery, feminine look.

This is a no-clump zone for sure; each of your lashes become individually defined, lengthened and thickened as you work your brush through them.

Offering really great length with just one coat, you'll find that subsequent coats won't cause clumping either. 

You simply get a more dramatic look.

I whole heartedly agree with those  93% of people tested who said that it offered extreme lengthening, the 95% who said it lifts and lengthens lashes up and out and the 93% who said it gives lashes both fullness and length.

I can also report that after a full days wear it neither flakes, smudges or transfers and my lashes didn't flatten or lose any of their impact throughout the day.

In short, Benefit have done it again and created a really, really good mascara.


Benefit's They're Real Magnet Mascara is available now and costs £24.50.


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