Thursday, 24 September 2020

Marc Jacobs Perfect

 “Perfect” is the captivating, playful and fun new fragrance from cult brand Marc Jacobs.

This light-hearted, fruity-floral scent celebrates optimism, self-acceptance and originality, tones which are reflected through both the notes of the fragrance and its eye catching, original and frankly, rather fabulous bottle.



The perfume was inspired by Marc Jacobs mantra 'I am perfect as I am' which is symbolised by a tattoo of the word “perfect” on his wrist.

Like his tattoo, Perfect Marc Jacobs is all about embracing and expressing one’s true self.

I simply adore the meaning behind the creation of this soon-to-be cult favourite scent.



Contemporary, vibrant and undeniably feminine, “Perfect” features an unusual yet surprisingly harmonious blend of fresh floral and calm, soothing notes to create an elegant and vivacious scent that invites you to enjoy the different sides of you that make you original.

Nothing shouts “original” more than the scent’s eye-catching and joyful flacon.

The softly curved glass bottle is transparent, revealing the soft pale pink nectar inside.



Sitting proudly atop is a luxurious gold and diamond cap, with the initials MJ sat beautifully within an elegantly decorated love heart, reminiscent of Marc’s own tattoo.

The free spirited femininity of the scent is reflected in the array of cute, playful elements which are proudly adorning the cap.

A stunning baby blue bow takes pride of place next to a giant faux diamond, because they are of course a girls best friend.



A pair of red cherries sits alongside a Cinderella inspired glass slipper and a small white kitten while the reverse side features a bright silver star, a pink trainer, peeled banana, domino and another M & J, this time sat within a pair of child’s building blocks.

Somewhat random? Perhaps. Delightfully unique? Absolutely!

One things certain, you’ll have no trouble recognising or remembering this cheerful perfume!



Given its fantastic visual appeal you may be concerned that the juice within may struggle to live up to the representation which precedes it.

This is definitely not the case!

“Perfect” opens with bold, juicy notes of rhubarb and vivacious bright daffodil.



It’s comforting heart of sweet, soft almond milk soothes the experience somewhat before base notes of creamy cedarwood and cashmeran wrap their arms around the scent to create an exquisitely soft, sensual fragrance.

I wasn’t at all sure what to expect from the scent but I was pleasantly surprised.



I love the combination of fresh floral and sweet which blend perfectly without trying to out-do one another.

You can never go wrong with a soft, woody finish either which just calms, softens and smooths the scent to perfection.



Marc Jacobs Perfect is available now from The Fragrance Shop and costs £68.50 for 50ml.


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