Saturday, 18 April 2020

Support For Sarah

Morning guys. 

Today is probably one of the most important posts I’ve ever written and I ask that you please treat it with respect and above all, kindness.

This is my friend Sarah. She has the same name as me, is a mother like me and is the same age as me. 

Yet I’ve never met Sarah in person. We are both Bloggers you see, speaking daily on the world wide web! 

We’ve laughed, supported one another and even been through multiple pregnancies together, virtually supporting one another along the way. 

She’s a mother to three gorgeous kids under the age 5. 

I know right, imagine how tough that must be in itself.

The thing is, she also has incurable cancer.

Just you take a moment to take that in and consider the enormity of that devastating prognosis.

When her youngest was just 4 months old she was diagnosed with grade 3 invasive ductal carcinoma breast cancer.

Throughout the entirety of 2019 she has endured 4 different types of debilitating chemotherapies, radiotherapy and surgery all whilst trying to single handily raise her three very young children.

She has suffered and struggled through bravely and thought and hoped that she had finally come out the other side.

Until recently that is when she received the indescribably devastating news that following a period of pain within her bones, that the cancer has now spread to her ribs, classing her as stage 4.
Despite her FIERCE proudness and I mean fierce, in sheer desperation she herself up a Go Fund Me page to asking friends, family and kind citizens for donations to allow her to afford childcare so she could ensure that her most precious possessions, her children could be best cared for while she was suffering the devastating effects of chemo.

The result of this plea for help was simply abominable.

Sarah was trolled relentlessly online, sent message after message of abuse such as;

“Your children are going to so be so embarrassed of you when they’re older’

‘Stop being a money gabber’

‘Shouldn’t have had kids if you can’t afford them’

‘Hopefully the cancer will kill you then we won’t have to deal with our self righteous self begging’

So devastated by such a vile and cruel response to a desperate please from a proud woman for help Sarah shut down.

Both literally and figuratively.

Left feeling suicidal she and subsequently shut down her fundraising page, deleted all of her social media channels and disappeared from online completely.

Sheer luck meant I had her phone number as I’d sent her a care, pamper package some months earlier so I got in touch in with he and found out what had happened.


 I have single handily taken it upon myself to try and build up A Go Fund Me for her as apparently being brave enough to ask for help yourself is something to be chastised and bullied for.

For the past month or so I have been doing literarlly everything in power to try and raise money for Sarah.

Raise money so she can afford childcare so that when she goes to hospital, her children can be properly looked after.

Money so that Sarah doesn’t need to worry where her next food shop is coming from because she can’t work.

Money so that when she is having a well day, she take her three children out for a day of fun and spoil them rotten.

She is not well enough to do so right now, but it is our hope that one day she will have enough money and be well enough to take her wonderful family to Disneyland to make precious memories to last a lifetime. 

A lifetime. 

Sarah is soon to undergo an experimental clinical trial, however this will be to try and prologue her life as opposed to curing her of the cancer as at this time, this simple isn’t possible.

I cannot even begin to comprehend the devastation this news must have made to Sarah and her beautiful family.

The future is extremely uncertain right now.

The incomprehensible and overwhelming reality of the situation is that Sarah might unlikely to be granted the privilege, or some may say the right, of seeing her children grow up.

If wishing on a star worked all would be well, yet despite wishing I could, I cannot change a single thing about this prognosis.

 BUT there IS something I can do.

I can try to raise a little money so that she has some financial security not just for herself but for her kids, for her future, for their future, come what May.

 I realise that now is probably the WORST time to be asking for people to part with cash and so to try and encourage people to part with a few quid I have taken it upon myself to get in contact with some of my close PR and Beauty Brands who I work on my blog and asked if they could kindly afford to donate some of their wonderful products for me to give away as an incentive for people to donate, and you know what they have. 

Temple Spa
Winter In Venice
Childs Farm
Truffle Shuffle
Scamp & Dude
Burts Bees
Pixi Skincare
Ted Baker 
Great Little Trading Company
Choc On Choc
Aromatherapy Associates
Posh Paws Int
Soul Analyse

Have all generously donated a host of goodies for me to giveaway to a random donatee.

Each week I randomly select a donatee to receive a gift and pop it in the post to them.



To say thank you. 

To say thank you for your generosity ad to try and help raise their spirit during this difficult time.

Paying it forward if you like.

But I want and need to find a bigger way of getting the word out.

I even signed up to a Celebrity contact website at the personal price of £125 to me to try and get in contact with the publicists and agents of a host of different celebrities in the hope that they may back my campaign somehow or spread the word, but to date I’ve not heard back from anyone. 

I’m not going to lie, yes I’m asking for money. But I’m not asking for a lot. If every single person on my Instagram donated just  £1 we’d have over £11,000 for Sarah.

Please share her story, please share my page, please share her link. Absolutely any help whatsoever is so greatly appreciated.

In a world where just 2 month ago following the tragic death of Caroline Flack from online bullying, I fund Sarah’s situation frighteningly similar and so please try to find a way to just be kind.

For the record, Sarah will be mortified that I’ve written this as she feels entirely undeserving but she is not and I will not stop trying for her.

If you’ve read this far, you deserve a medal.

You may Donate HERE.

If you think you could help me in any way email me at


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  2. With pleasure I will donate to Sarah’s page. I know how hard it is for her and to not have the financial worries especially at this time is so important for Sarah’s wellbeing. I lost my husband to cancer when our son was one and subsequently have had breast cancer twice over the last 15 years my heart goes out to Sarah. Cannot donate as much as I would love but every penny will help Sarah. Sending Love and Light to Sarah and her family X

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