Wednesday, 13 March 2019

Original Source Hydrating Water Infusions

For as long as I can remember my all-time favourite drug store shower gel has been Original Source Lime.

I just LOVE its zesty, fruitiness that envelopes your senses, revives a tired mind and wakes you up good and proper In the morning.

That was until I saw they had launched a trio called Hydrating Water Infusions.

I poured over beautiful images of them all over Instagram and knew I had to have them. With scents such as Raspberry and Rose Water, Pineapple and Lemon Zest and Apple and Melon I knew they HAD TO BE MINE.

After scouring the high street (ok various shopping centre high streets) I finally found them and boy were they worth the wait!

Marketed as being three times more moisturising and filled with a vitamin and antioxidant blend I was sold. Well actually I was sold as soon as I heard the fragranced but anyway I digress…

Infused with fruits and flowers these hydrating body washes have been created to help keep your skin looking and feeling healthy while imparting the most delicious and refreshing scents possible.

As with all Original Source products they are paraben free and 100% naturally fragranced, but unlike their counterparts this trio are completely clear in colour, reflecting the ‘water infusion’ element of their name no doubt.

So anyway onto the scent. I shant beat about the bush, the Apple and Melon edition was by far my favourite scent. I love the scent of apples and melons and this scent is sweet, fruity, soft, delicious and my god I know they’re not edible but they smell like they’d taste delicious.

My second fave is the Pineapple and Lemon Zest. The Sweetness of the pineapple definitely takes the lead in this variety yet there is definitely a citrusy undertone which lifts the sweetness just enough to stop it being a tad too sickly.

Lastly but by no means least is the Raspberry and Rose Water. Delicate with a hint of floral sweetness it is perfect for those of you who cant stand overly sweet smelling products.

All three gels produce volumes of soft, silky bubbles that gently cleanse and don’t irritate even my sensitive skin and my bathroom smells lovely long after my shower has finished.

Now, they are allegedly available pretty much everywhere according to their website (Boots, Superdrug, Asda, Sainsburys, Wilko’s) etc etc but I struggled to find them anywhere, perhaps because they were so new at the time but I’ve just popped over onto the Boots website and seen that they’re currently on offer for £1 each  (RRP £2.20) so I’m guessing that’s an introductory price that wont last long.

If like me you love Original Source you HAVE to try these. Like now. Of you go!

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