Tuesday, 19 March 2019

L'Occitane Rose Eau De Toilette & Fragranced Water

The Rose. Beautiful, iconic, romantic and feminine. This gorgeous flower has to be one of the most iconic and famous ingredients within fragrances of all time.

Like that perfect LBD Rose is just one of those absolutely timeless, untouchable notes.

Like many a band, L’Occitane has always adored rose, placing it in the heart of many of their fragrance and bodycare lines and have now decided that such an important and elegant flower deserves its very own line, capturing the quintessential provincial rose creating a scent that is both feminine and elegant and yet possesses a modern and dazzling twist.

Housed within the most elegant vessel, iconic lines are combined with a domed shape to create a neo-retro design. It possesses a classic, elegant simplicity which is the perfect reflection of the fragrance which is actually nothing like I was expecting.

I was fully expecting a heady, deeply floral, overpowering rose scent but instead I was met with a light, warm bouquet that I’d almost describe as ‘sparkling’.

L’Occitane Rose EDT opens with notes of Pink Pepper, sweet Lychee and Raspberry accords before quickly giving way to (of course) a completely rose heart.

Rosa Centifolia is infused with Grasse and mingles with Rosa Damascena absolute, rounded off with Violet absolute before base notes of addictive patchouli, amber and white musk offer a softer, slightly powdery tone to the overall experience.

It is a truly exceptional scent and that means a lot coming from someone who 1. Doesn’t like floral scents and 2. Can’t usually abide Rose.

The expertly blended notes create a dazzling, fresh, modern interpretation of the iconic note without stepping too far away from its original enchantment. 

To co-inside with this new launch L’Occitane have created something rather special! 

To try and step away from the view that Rose is an old fashioned scent they’ve added some fun into your fragrance experience by creating three Fragranced Water’s which you can layer with the Rose EDT to create a completely unique scent that appeals to you!

Fancy adding a shot of energy to your scent one day, try Burst of Vitality £32. Notes of Bergamot, Orange, Jasmine, Cedar, Musk will invigorate your experience creating a gorgeous radiance.

Looking for a moment of peace and tranquillity? Try Burst of Relaxation £32. Floral and aquatic notes of fresh fruits, white peony, chamomile ands lavender will help to deepen a sense of serenity offering calm in a world full of madness!

Feeling bright, happy and cheerful then naturally Burst of Cheerfulness £32 will be the fragranced water you’ll want.

Radiant and joyful notes of raspberry, peach Rose Centifolia and violet lift your mood creating an intoxicating blend of mood boosting joy.

I think it is an inspired idea and personally has completely changed the way I view Rose as a fragrance and I hope my post may encourage you to do the same!


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