Sunday, 9 December 2018

Floris Luxury Miniature Winter Candle Trio

Floris have got some gorgeous gifts this Christmas but my favourite from their offerings is the Luxury Miniature Winter Candle Trio (£55).

This beautifully presented set features three mini candles from the Floris Home Collection in the most wonderful warming and festive inspired scents.

Nestled neatly within the brand’s iconic navy and gold box you’ll find three highly scented candles that will fill your home with delicate yet aromatic fragrances.

First up is my favourite Floris festive scent, Cinnamon and Tangerine. This oriental/citrus scent features a rich and juicy cocktail of sweet orange and tangerine infused with the warmth of a spice blend of cinnamon, clove and nutmeg.

For me it is the epitome of Christmastime captured within a candle!

The perfect combination of fruity and spicy, I love how fresh and warm this makes me home smell.

Next up is English Fern and Blackberry. Sharp, ripe and juicy blackberry juice is combined with the green, earthy scent of freshly cut fern to create a light and beautiful scent.

The notes complement each other perfectly, creating a distinctive scent that you can’t get enough of. It is a really, sophisticated, beautiful fragrance.

Last but by no means least is the Rose and Oud floriental candle. Decadent notes of rose wrap themselves around intense oud, cinnamon and clove creating and intense and bold scent.

Deep and heady, I love the combination of the cinnamon and clove against the rose which adds an unexpected depth to the fragrance. 

It is a really beautiful, luxurious gift for all scented candle lovers that’s for sure.

The Floris Miniature Winter Candle Trio is available now and costs £55.

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