Thursday, 8 June 2017

KIKO MILANO Tropic Heat Prime and Fixer

Tropic Heat is the new limited edition capsule collection from KIKO MILANO.

A result of a collaboration with up and coming designers Juan Caro and Fabio Sasso who were selected by Vogue Talents to celebrate 20 years of KIKO MILANO, the collection is packed full of playful, vibrant colours and floral fruity decorations.

Perfect for summer the range comprises of fruity fragrances and sunny shades to embrace the season and lift your mood.

One of my favourite products from the range is their Prime and fix Water.

Unlike anything I’ve tried before this fixing primer spray can be used as both a primer and to fix your make up in place.

Available in three gorgeous scents (01 Red Fruits, 02 Green fruits and 03 Passion fruit and Coconut Milk) this water based spray is enriched with a delicate, fruity scent and leaves your skin feeling refreshed and radiant.

I’ll be honest, I didn’t expect to like this product for a couple of reasons. I couldn’t get my head around spraying a primer on my face, nor could I fathom spraying my face to set my make up.

That said, I was pleasantly surprised.

You may notice that the spray possesses an ever so slightly pink, iridescent hint of colour. This itself does a brilliant job of bringing my skin to life and helping it to look more awake and refreshed.

I love the subtle scent and actually really enjoyed using it as a primer. Some primers can  be too heavy for my oily skin but the Prime and Fix Water was refreshing and light and helped to mattify my skin slightly too.

I really enjoyed spritzing it onto my face to set my make up, however I tended to wait until my mid day touch-up to do this as by that time my skin could do with a little refreshment and this worked brilliantly.

At just £7.90 it is a truly remarkable price for such a fab multi-purpose product.

I’m off to try one of the other scents before they go!

KIKO MILANO’s Trop Heat Prime and Fixer is available now along with the rest of the collection.

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