Wednesday, 14 June 2017

Giorgio Armani Sky di Gioia

Sky di Gioia is the beautiful new spring/summer fragrance from Giorgio Armani.

Available exclusively from The Fragrance Shop this delightful scent has been inspired by a dreamy sunrise that glows pink above the sea and the possibilities that each day brings.

"I'm fascinated by the dawn, with its continuously changing colours and the endless contrasts of light and shade", Giorgio Armani.

This tender, fruity floral scent offers a luxurious and feminine experience which is both light enough for day wear and sensual enough for night.

 The vision of a romantic, pinky sunrise is echoed in the bottle with its pretty, pale pink hue which is captured within a fluid, softly curved bottle with a warm pink stopper. 

 The fragrance opens with fresh, juicy notes of lychee and crispy green pear which offer a soft sweetness before velvety peony, rose and salty Transluzone add a luxurious floral element.

Lastly, white musk helvetolide, cedar, blackcurrant bus and blackberry complete the perfume leaving a subtly warm, light, sunny and sophisticated fragrance that is just perfect for the summer months.

 It is a pleasure to wear Sky di Gioia and I’ve lost count of the amount of times that I’ve been complimented on it.

It is a divine blend of floral and fruity, with neither element overpowering the other and is wonderfully light and refreshing which let’s face it, is what you want when it’s a super hot day.

It’s one of those scents that I think would appeal to a wide range of people as it is delicate and soft, pretty and feminine, light and breezy.

Its safe to say that it’s become one of my firm favourites.

 Giorgio Armani Sky di Gioia is available now exclusively from The Fragrance Shop and costs £65.50 for 50ml.

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